Bachelorette Weekend in Hilton Head!

This weekend a group of 9 of us all headed down to Hilton Head Island, SC for a weekend of bachelorette festivities! The beautiful bachelorette?

haha this was obviously pretty late!
Here is a much better picture of the beautiful bride to be! {Although the above is my personal fav!}
We had a really great night Friday, staying inside catching up with each other, drinking champagne, playing Apples to Apples and eating LOTS of yummy food! 

We gave Jenny a lingerie shower and then she presented us with some adorable t-shirts! They were coral, the color of our bridesmaids dresses and all had our nick names on the back. Of course, we all had to sport them for the entire day on Saturday!

We had several people say "what is this" well, clearly our shirts say "BACHELORETTE" on the front! haha and then it was "who is the bride?".... can y'all pick out which one is the bride? The one in WHITE! 

We took a really nice long walk on the beach and then went to get some daquris at Pool Bar Jim's. I chose the banana coconut daquri! It was delicious!

Saturday night we went to dinner at Topside at The Quarterdeck

I love the sky in this photo!
Then danced the night away with our ring pops at the various bars in "the triangle". 

We all had such an amazing weekend, and I realize more and more what wonderful friends I have! They are the BEST! I miss all of us being together like old times already and can't wait for our next venture together! Congratulations, Jen Jen! Can't wait for more of the festivites!


  1. Brooke! Thank you so much for posting Jenny's bach pictures! I'm so glad to see pics and can't wait for the wedding! I've heard all about you (I went to HS w/ Jenny, Haley, Jaime, etc.) and have heard all about you! Love you blog :)

  2. Look's like y'all had a great time! So fun to spend time with wonderful friends!!!!

  3. You all look gorgeous!
    Looks like a fun weekend!

  4. I have to say, this is probably the best post you've ever done! I feel kinda special (the same "special" Kira felt at Who's Bad after they sang to her....haha!) Love you Brookie Pooh!!

  5. Looks like a fun time. You all look beautiful!

  6. The prettiest group of girls I have ever seen!!