What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Well here we go...

{The color aqua}

Clearly I have a love for this color. New bedspread + workout top + nail polish. wow! And that's not even all of it!

Yes, I held the camera with my feet... possibly half monkey??
{pasta salad}

It's a great dish for lunch and I get my little bit of pasta! I just made this tri color tortellini with spinach, red peppers, feta, olives & capers. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow! It's nice having something yummy to look forward to!

{Talenti Gelato}

I've tried the Talenti Sea Salt Caramel, Double Dark Chocolate, and this week Publix had them buy one get one free. I chose the Cappuccino and Caramel Cookie Crunch! They have all been heavenly! I don't feel super guilty eating it like I do with ice cream. It's all made with fresh ingredients - love it when I can read the ingredient list and know what everything actually is!


The one pictured below is Lilly, however my mom is in the process of making me one! Hopefully I'll have it for this weekend?! They are super cute with shorts or as a bathing suit cover up. I can't wait to get mine!

{acrylic tumbler}

I love this cute acrylic tumbler with straw! You can purchase it from Swoozies, I wish we had a Swoozies here in Charleston! :( This is the perfect cup to carry a nice cold beverage around in the summertime! I'm pretty sure mine would be full of water or pink lemonade :) I also love Tervis tumblers... they're so great because they don't sweat! No coaster needed. Not to mention, they keep your drinks cold for a seriously long time!

And last but not least...

{Live the Sheen Dream}

This site has had me laughing all night! www.livethesheendream.com. Click Charlie Sheen's head for random Charlie Sheen "words of wisdom" Enjoy!


  1. Tunics are so adorable - I agree!

    You should post your recipe for pasta salad - it looks great!

  2. My new obsession has been the acrylic cups too!I love them! Love this fun post! Yes to all of them :)

  3. Ohhh I love everything you mentioned :) Now I am craving pasta salad and pink lemonade!!

  4. Annie, you can find the recipe on my mom's blog www.sweetteapearls-becky.blogspot.com. The only thing I did different is I didn't chop my spinach leaves, I used tortellini, and I didn't have any onions. :)

  5. she's making you one?!?! That is awesome!!! I so hope to be able to do that one day!

  6. I love the first pic...haha! And I love the tunic and tumbler too! Happy Wednesday!

  7. I love the tunic and tumbler!

  8. Target sells a bunch of cute tumblers like that for $10 hun! I love em! I tote mine around everyyywhere!
    xoxo inna :)
    Stop by my blog and say hello some time darlin! :)
    My bloggie!

  9. Lucky you to have a talented mother who will make a tunic for you. Love the tumblers from Swoozies.

    And that Charlie Sheen site is a hoot!