New Makeup!

A while back I posted about needing a new brand of foundation/powder. I used to use BareMinerals but found it not doing as well on my skin as it used to. Yesterday while watching The Rachael Ray Show I learned about a not so new brand {but new to the United States} Boot's No 7. Boot's has been the #1 brand of makeup in the United Kingdom for a while. Target just got this wonderful line and I thought I'd go check it out. After reading rave reviews on various web sites, I figured I should try it. {The $13.99 price tag lured me in as well!}
There are several types of makeup, but I chose the Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation. I must say, I LOVE this! Of course I had to try it on immediately when I got home {even before heading to the gym!}. The tiniest bit covered my whole face. This is an immediate plus because it means it will last a while! It goes on SO smooth, making my face feel and look pore less. It's creamy but the minute you rub in onto your face it turns to powder. This helps all other makeup {ie: bronzer, blush} go on smoothly. Another plus? I sweated my tail off at the gym and the makeup resisted! The combination of sweat and using my sweat rag {eww gross} my face looked the same as it did when I walked in. Plus Plus!! I can't wait to try out some of their other products soon!

On a side note.... did anyone see the Ladies Night Out on Friday night? If not, then you missed out on the most amazing performance EVER. And you may have seen it since then. Carrie gave the best performance of the night, and it was such a great way to start Easter weekend!


Parties, Parties, Parties

I'll have to say that I really enjoyed this weekend and did not want it to end! Last week we were thinking we would be hit with those horrible storms that passed through the Southeast. I had planned to get up early on Saturday, run some errands and then hibernate inside until they all passed over. To my relief, we got zero storms... only sunshine and wind! Brice and I ran a few errands {I love checking things off a to-do list!} and then I had the bright idea to go to Menchies! I had never been before because it's a little out of the way of my usual route. {Side note: avoid Saturday's.... it was a zoo in there!} Of course I went in with the thought to make a great concoction, and came out with a smorgasboard of flavors. Everything just looks so tasty! I originally got cheesecake and thought I'd make a "turtle cheesecake" by topping it with chocolate, nuts & caramel. I proceeded to also get chocolate froyo, while topping it with every favorite candy bar, peanut butter, & cookie dough. It was heaven in my mouth, I really don't think you can go wrong at this place! {I took a photo but it won't upload correctly, I'll try again later!}

Saturday evening we had yet another engagement party for one of my very best friends, Jenny! You may remember my post on her bachelorette party! She is getting married in TWO WEEKS! I can't wait... this is going to be such a fun wedding! We had a night of yummy apps, drinks and great music! Not to mention I always love any time spent with my best friends!

Her Uncle Bob {we call him "Bartender Bob"} created an amazing drink list and even came up with a signature cocktail entitled the "Channifer"! It was definitely a HIT!

Shot glasses they had made for everyone!
Sunday morning I had a baby shower to attend. This was {believe it or not} my first trip to Red Drum and it was absolutely amazing! It was a perfect spring day, not a cloud in the sky! I had this precious koozie that Jenny's mom made for all of us waiting on me. It was a nautical theme since that is what she is doing in her nursery.

We sat out on the patio and had a menu of various brunch selections.

I chose the juevos rancheros. I used to have juevos rancheros in Acapulco for breakfast all the time so I was a little worried these might not pass the test! {Mexican food IN Mexico is just better!} Boy was I wrong, these were so yummy! I cleaned my plate!

After we devored every bite of our meals and opened presents they brought out plates of these to die for donut holes and a vanilla/caramel custard like dessert. I immediately said "this tastes just like fair food! YUM!" I love fair food... even though it's so greasy and unhealthy for you.

I continued the rest of my afternoon by the pool perusing magazines for a hairstyle for an upcoming wedding I'm in. {Hairstyle selections to be in the next post} I did not want my weekend to come to an end! At least this is only a 4 day work week for me! Happy Monday!


Wedding Season Continues...

This weekend continued more wedding season festivities! As mentioned in my previous post wedding season 2011 is insane. It seems that way for everyone I know, I guess it's just our age! Next will be babies!

Brice and I headed to Spartanburg on Saturday for my good friend Marisa's engagement party. Marisa was my partner on The Amazing Race: Season 13.  {I did a post about it HERE} A few of our cast members were able to make it as well! It is always so great seeing everyone - if only it were all 22 of us together again!
Mark, Sarah, Tina, Kenny, Me
Marisa & Me
Brice & Me
You may remember me blogging about this dress, here. This may be one of my favorite dresses for the summer, it is SO comfortable!

Jaime brought Harper by so of course I had to hold him, and talk to him, and obsess over him, and pray that when I have a baby he/she is as perfect as this little guy!

He loves his Auntie Brooke!! This blanket/cape cracks me up!
We had another engagement party for my good friend Jessica in Columbia on Sunday. I've known Jessica since elementary school and she studied abroad with me at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain.
Jessica, Mary, Anna Ross & Me

Peaches & Me!

All of us on the lifeguard stand!
I was exhausted by Sunday night. What a busy weekend! I'm still recouperating and will probably post myself up on my couch for the remainder of the evening! I need to rest up for another engagement party and a baby shower THIS weekend! whew! 67 days until the Rosemary Beach trip and counting!


Decorah Eagles

I have to share this with everyone because I find it so interesting! Have any of you been watching the Decorah Eagles video? If not go HERE

This is live footage of an eagles nest in Decorah, Iowa. Two eaglets (I love that word!) hatched over the weekend and there is one more egg left. I am determined to see that last egg hatch! I find it so amazing how these eagles take care of their young like humans. The mother and father switch off keeping them warm and feeding them (please, disregard the large piece of road kill they pull dinner from!) If you scroll down below the video you can read several facts about this little eagle family! Here are a few I find most interesting:

  • The nest is about 5-6 feet across and deep. It weighs about 1.5 TONS. That is an elephant!
  • They have been building the nest since 2007
  • They have been a "couple" since 2007.
  • They have hatched and fledged 2 eaglets in 2008, 3 in 2009 and 3 more in 2010. Now there will be 3 more!
Who knew all of this about eagles?! You learn something new everyday!


Crazy for Coconut Macaroons and other updates!

Brice's sister, Allison, is staying with me for the week and I am so excited to have a room mate for 4 days! I'm probably going to be a little bit sad on Thursday night when she is not here! Allison is who got me to sign up for Tastefully Simple. So she brought a few samples of some new summer products for us to try!

Last night we decided to get into the Crazy for Coconut Macaroons! All you need is the TS mix, butter and sweetened condensed milk. Let me tell you, these are to die for! I'm not even that big of a coconut fan... but these made me make lots of noises and Allison even did a little dance! {She had one for breakfast this morning too by the way}. These macaroons have the perfect chocolate to coconut ratio. Perfection!

Speaking of Allison, I'd like to note that her boyfriend is in the christian rock band Echoing Angels  and they just released a new cd on March 22 and was #5 (or 4?!) on iTunes the first day!
 Everyone go buy it! I'm excited to finally listen to it while she is here! You can purchase on iTunes, or at WalMart or Best Buy.

Another fun note I thought I'd share is an invitation I just finished designing. This is for a monogram shower and I thought it turned out so incredibly cute! I've obviously blurred out certain information for privacy purposes, but wanted y'all to see it and let me know what you think!

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Wedding Season Is Here!

Wedding season has officially arrived {for us at least}! We have a total of SEVEN weddings to attend over the course of the summer, not to mention engagement parties and showers. It's going to be a very fun yet busy summer for us!

This weekend was wedding number one. We went to Jekyll Island, GA for Brice's friend Matt's wedding. The wedding was held at the Jekyll Island Club which is GORGEOUS! This might have been one of the prettiest weddings I've ever been to. It was like something out of a movie. Here are a few photos which are not from the wedding we went to, I just stole them off of the web site because they are better than my pictures!

It's so hard to believe this was someones "summer home". We had a great time hanging out with good friends, and eating amazing food. For the cocktail hour we had delicious fried grouper, lamb chops with mint pesto, lobster cakes and crab cakes. There was SO much food at the actual reception that I missed an entire room. I had the standard fruit, cheese, these yummy little goat cheese and artichoke apps, sushi, and shrimp & grits {which was to die for might I add} In another room they had pasta and other types of meat. I wish I had seen that pasta before I devoured my plate of shrimp and grits! I think I got enough for two people on my plate... but then again, that is my favorite meal!

I've been exhausted all day and really need another day of rest before going to work, but unfortunately that won't be happening! Gotta get to sleep so I can tackle Monday!!