Crazy for Coconut Macaroons and other updates!

Brice's sister, Allison, is staying with me for the week and I am so excited to have a room mate for 4 days! I'm probably going to be a little bit sad on Thursday night when she is not here! Allison is who got me to sign up for Tastefully Simple. So she brought a few samples of some new summer products for us to try!

Last night we decided to get into the Crazy for Coconut Macaroons! All you need is the TS mix, butter and sweetened condensed milk. Let me tell you, these are to die for! I'm not even that big of a coconut fan... but these made me make lots of noises and Allison even did a little dance! {She had one for breakfast this morning too by the way}. These macaroons have the perfect chocolate to coconut ratio. Perfection!

Speaking of Allison, I'd like to note that her boyfriend is in the christian rock band Echoing Angels  and they just released a new cd on March 22 and was #5 (or 4?!) on iTunes the first day!
 Everyone go buy it! I'm excited to finally listen to it while she is here! You can purchase on iTunes, or at WalMart or Best Buy.

Another fun note I thought I'd share is an invitation I just finished designing. This is for a monogram shower and I thought it turned out so incredibly cute! I've obviously blurred out certain information for privacy purposes, but wanted y'all to see it and let me know what you think!

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Love the invitation!

  2. The invite is adorable! Monograms+green+pink= a classic yet fun combo. And i totally drooled at those macaroons! I may just need to bake myself some sugary treats now!

  3. I just came across your blog and this invitation was done for my shower! How funny is that!! So adorable! Loved it!

  4. haha!! I am glad that you liked them!