New Makeup!

A while back I posted about needing a new brand of foundation/powder. I used to use BareMinerals but found it not doing as well on my skin as it used to. Yesterday while watching The Rachael Ray Show I learned about a not so new brand {but new to the United States} Boot's No 7. Boot's has been the #1 brand of makeup in the United Kingdom for a while. Target just got this wonderful line and I thought I'd go check it out. After reading rave reviews on various web sites, I figured I should try it. {The $13.99 price tag lured me in as well!}
There are several types of makeup, but I chose the Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation. I must say, I LOVE this! Of course I had to try it on immediately when I got home {even before heading to the gym!}. The tiniest bit covered my whole face. This is an immediate plus because it means it will last a while! It goes on SO smooth, making my face feel and look pore less. It's creamy but the minute you rub in onto your face it turns to powder. This helps all other makeup {ie: bronzer, blush} go on smoothly. Another plus? I sweated my tail off at the gym and the makeup resisted! The combination of sweat and using my sweat rag {eww gross} my face looked the same as it did when I walked in. Plus Plus!! I can't wait to try out some of their other products soon!

On a side note.... did anyone see the Ladies Night Out on Friday night? If not, then you missed out on the most amazing performance EVER. And you may have seen it since then. Carrie gave the best performance of the night, and it was such a great way to start Easter weekend!


  1. Omg...I use Bare Minerals, too, and it hasn't been doing the same on my lately either!! I wanted to check out the new Maybelline FIT, but I am going to try the one you mentioned first! And....Carrie is my girl crush! Love her and that performance {tear}!

  2. I have recently heard about Boots too and am glad to hear that Target is carrying it. There is some lip stuff I read about in a book that they make that I must get now that it's in Target! So it goes on creamy and turns to powder? Do you put it on with a sponge or a brush?

  3. I posted about Carrie's performance on Monday. I'm obsessed...she is so amazing!

  4. The Lamberts: I got the Maybelline FIT concealor, I like it!

    Jana: I put it on with my fingers, but you could use a sponge too!

  5. Boots No.7 concealer is amazing stuff!! It in a tube & "clicks" from the bottom to come out onto the brush. Been using it for about a year & i LOVE it!

  6. I cried the whole time during her song. It is one of my favorite hymns and it just took my breath away. What courage and conviction to be able to d do that. I love her even more now! Oh and the No7- love love love it!