Wedding Season Is Here!

Wedding season has officially arrived {for us at least}! We have a total of SEVEN weddings to attend over the course of the summer, not to mention engagement parties and showers. It's going to be a very fun yet busy summer for us!

This weekend was wedding number one. We went to Jekyll Island, GA for Brice's friend Matt's wedding. The wedding was held at the Jekyll Island Club which is GORGEOUS! This might have been one of the prettiest weddings I've ever been to. It was like something out of a movie. Here are a few photos which are not from the wedding we went to, I just stole them off of the web site because they are better than my pictures!

It's so hard to believe this was someones "summer home". We had a great time hanging out with good friends, and eating amazing food. For the cocktail hour we had delicious fried grouper, lamb chops with mint pesto, lobster cakes and crab cakes. There was SO much food at the actual reception that I missed an entire room. I had the standard fruit, cheese, these yummy little goat cheese and artichoke apps, sushi, and shrimp & grits {which was to die for might I add} In another room they had pasta and other types of meat. I wish I had seen that pasta before I devoured my plate of shrimp and grits! I think I got enough for two people on my plate... but then again, that is my favorite meal!

I've been exhausted all day and really need another day of rest before going to work, but unfortunately that won't be happening! Gotta get to sleep so I can tackle Monday!!


  1. WOW, Looks superb.Happy wedding. Nice photos. Cake looks Delicious.
    -Fitness Pictures

  2. Love your dress!
    and the wedding sounds fab!
    xoxo Inna :)
    My Bloggie!

  3. that is SUCH a gorgeous black dress. i love love love the ruffle collar. where did you find it?? i must have it!

  4. Love your dress. You two are such a cute couple. :)

  5. Ran and I went to a wedding there a couple of years ago and it was amazzzzingg!! Wish I had a reason to go back!

  6. wow..i wish i had been at that wedding! the venue was gorgeous and that food sounds sooo good! i just found your blog and am a new follower, please stop by mine!