46 Days...

46 Days for what you might ask? That would be the number of days until my trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida with Brice's family! Wooo! Can you believe this is my first actual week long vacation since I had summer breaks in college? And let's just note that I did not even spend a full week at the beach during this time. Sad, I know. This just makes it even more exciting! Please check out my countdown app on my phone...

I've lived two years with Brice living it up for a week at the beach, seeing pictures... meanwhile I was at my desk, working away. I am so thankful to have such amazing bosses now that pretty much make you take time off! With all of this excitement (we're under 2 months now!) every little beachy thing has grabbed my attention. In todays mail I received the new Vineyard Vines catalog. Oh dear...this is a bittersweet situation. I get extremely excited to peruse it, then have a huge let down when I realize I will most likely have to continue to just dream... my money belongs to bills not Vineyard Vines... :(
This would go with everything!

This color would look so great with a tan!
 Is it strange that when I saw this last photo I immediately imagined myself all tan, sitting outside at a beachy restaurant, listening to live music (preferably Jimmy Buffett) while eating fried seafood? Because I did!!

I would also very much enjoy the following Lilly Pulitzer items! (This is again a VERY bittersweet situation!)

Oh to dream!


  1. I know your pain all too well! Looking forward to trips is always fun, almost as much fun as the trips themselves!

  2. love the bag and the sandals! I am not going to the beach anytime soon but I just need them period! don't ya think> LOL!

  3. "Sometimes the fun is not always the destination, but the journey in getting there."...my philosophy on life!

  4. i love the lobster dress, but I too am not supposed to be shopping for awhile. :(