Happy Memorial Day!

My Memorial Day weekend was not that eventful. I ended up getting sick and so I didn't do all that much. It consisted of:

Friday: taking a 3 hour nap after work, cooking dinner for Brice, and renting The Switch (love anything with Jennifer Aniston!) It was a really good movie! The little boy is adorable.

Saturday: Beach with friends before going to a wedding with my friend Kira. Even though I felt a little bad, I do love weddings and had promised to be her #1 date! {note the dress my mom made me!}

Sunday: Brice and I went to church, and went to the new Juanita Greenberg's in Mt. Pleasant for lunch. Since I couldn't taste a thing I settled for a cheese quesadilla. Can't go wrong with a bunch of cheese! Then we began beach day #2 with friends before heading to to Hometeam and then finished the evening at Red's. Red's is our favorite Sunday afternoon spot! I was exhausted and we left pretty early... I came home and proceeded to sleep for about 10+ hours!

Memorial Day!: Today was my dad to get things accomplished! I did some cleaning around my apartment this morning and then Brice and I ran a few errands. I finally got my Costas! I'd sent in a pair to be replaced however mine had been discontinued :( So I got to pick out a new pair! I got the Isabela.
 Brice also washed my car :) Such a good boyfriend!

That about sums up my Memorial Day weekend! I hope everyone else's was a little more eventful than mine, although it was nice having it a little more low key! It would have been nicer if I had actually been able to smell/taste/not feel smothered all weekend. yuck!


  1. I love those sunglasses :) glad you had a great Memorial Day! I love your blog!

  2. Sad you didn't feel good! I hope you feel better! I loved your dress! So pretty! :)

  3. I used to have the Isabela Costas. They are on a permanent vacay in Washington, DC. Love the dress your mom made. It reminds me of those LaRoque dresses.

  4. Caroline, I definitely found a lot of patterns that are the same as LaRoque... my mom makes me dresses for $30 instead of spending $300 its great!

  5. Love those sunglasses and seriously how cute is your dress I seriously love it!


  6. I just stumbled on your blog and it's adorable. Meet your newest follower =)))