Royal Wedding + Charleston Wedding!

This weekend began on Thursday night for me, and it was non stop! But a good non stop... tiring yet fun. Thursday night we headed over to my friends Jenny & Chanan's house for a little social time before their big wedding weekend! It's always so great catching up with everyone, since not all of us live in the same city. Kira, Ashley and I had to leave a little early due to the fact that we would be waking up at 4 am for the Royal Wedding!

I've been SO excited about the Royal Wedding... I've always heard my mom talk about Diana's wedding and how big and awesome it was. With my clock set for 3:55 am (wow!) I immediately ran and woke up Kira and Ashley. Kira was the only one to join me, while we texted about it with Amanda. Kate's dress was perfect for her! She definitely looked like a princess. It was designed by Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton. While it's not exactly what I would choose for myself, I can imagine if I were in her position I'd pick something just like that. I just still can't seem to get over how naturally beautiful and perfect she is!

And can we please look at how teensy her waist is?! I heard on Doctor Oz today that she did the Dukan Diet. I'm not one for diets, I prefer to just eat healthy and exercise. However, I may have to give this one a try one day when I'm planning my own wedding! (meanwhile, I'm typing this and making flourless peanut butter cookies... awesome.)

Friday we had a the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for my friend Jenny. She got married at Pepper Plantation in Awendaw, SC. It was so perfect for them! The rehearsal was held at Marion's in the French Quarter, which is located on East Bay St. downtown. This was my first time ever going to Marions, and I'll have to say I'm a big fan! It was gorgeous, and the perfect spot for a cocktail party.

All of the bridesmaids and beautiful bride!
Saturday was SO much fun that I want to do this every weekend! Hanging out with my best friends, getting our hair done, socializing and drinking champagne! The funny thing is we all seemed to bring in pictures of Carrie Underwood for our hairstyle. I brought in this photo:
And this was the outcome!

I loved it! All of our hair turned out so pretty I thought. (Also note the earrings... these are what Jenny gave us as our bridesmaids gifts! LOVE them, she did such a great job!) They are by Erin McDermott.  Everyone check out her web site, she has beautiful jewelry that is so unique!

I'm going to stop typing and just post some photos from the wedding, I'm pretty sure they are self explanatory!

Mr. & Mrs. Cole!!

First dance :)
I cought the bouquet! YAY! 

All the girls! (almost all of us)

Mine & Brice's new dance move... the air guitar!
I absolutely LOVED our bridesmaids dresses... they are by Lula Kate. And Jenny's dress is most likely my favorite wedding dress EVER. It was designed by Jodi Moylan at White on Daniel Island. I would post more but this is getting rather long! Time for me to go do some crunches or push ups of some sort after eating those peanut butter cookies... those are heading to Brice's house tomorrow so I won't eat anymore! eek!


  1. I also LOVE those bridesmaids dresses. The color is perfect! Which speaking of, I also love your coral dress from the rehearsal dinner!! Where is it from?

  2. What is this color called? I ordered Lula Kate bridesmaid dresses for my girls in tomato but haven't been able to see a picture of anyone real wedding with tomato dresses.

  3. Those Bridesmaid dresses are simply stunning. I love the bold red color.