Weekend Recap... busy busy!!

Yet another busy weekend in the life of Brooke! I somewhat began my weekend on Thursday which was Cinco de Mayo! We had a little get together at Amanda's house and had fun eating yummy mexican food and playing with fake moustaches!

Friday we began our 5 hour trek to Atlanta! We had two engagement parties this weekend (the continuation of wedding season). Brice and some friends gave a party on the lake at his house boat... it was a lot of fun, I really could have just stayed there all day long and watched the sun set!
Getting YACHT!
That evening we had an engagement party/couples shower for Anna and Cole. Y'all might remember their engagement! It was great to get together with everyone despite the lack of energy I had! The sun just takes it all out of me!

The future Mr. & Mrs. Norris!
Brice's high school group

We ended the weekend with Mother's Day! I hate that it was so rushed and I wish I could have spent more time at home with my mom, but when you live out of town and have so much going on sometimes that just isn't possible! We're back to the work week... and preparing for another trip and FULL weekend again! 4 events this go - round! Wooo!


  1. love your orange and teal one shoulder dress! where did you get it?!

  2. Thanks! It's a Lilly Pulitzer from last spring/summer's collection!

  3. love love love your dress!! Perfect for summer -You look so pretty! :)

  4. Hey! I just found your blog through hungry meets healthy. It's so cute!
    I have to also say that your dresses are adorableee...is the one in this post lily?
    Can't wait to read more!

  5. Love your dress! And their engagement story is so sweet!! Love the fake mustaches haha. Happy Monday! Virginia