4 Days!!

Friday afternoon I will be on my way to Rosemary Beach, Florida for my first vacation since I seriously cannot remember when! It's all I think about! Why do I have to work? Can't I just take this week off too and plan/pack/daydream/work on my tan/ etc etc?! I found this blog and LOVE her photos... it's inspired me to also go on a little photo tour of Rosemary while I'm there! Probably on many of my bike rides! Check it out, it's gorgeous!

I've also got two books I'm bringing. Not sure if I will get through both but I am going to give it my best shot! I'm bringing Something Blue and Bergdorf Blondes. Have any of y'all read either of these? I know a lot of my friends have read Something Blue. I read Something Borrowed a few years ago just never got around to reading the sequel! And have yet to see the movie either! argh.

My mom is here visiting this week and she brought my sweet little Sophie with her... Sophie found a favorite spot on my couch...

She looks like a bunny!
She's also going to teach me to sew clothes, and I'm making another jumper like I had on a few posts back. This one is turquoise, green & white! Hopefully we can get started on that tonight as long as The Bachelorette doesn't distract us too much!

I'll try and do some short posts while I'm on my trip... but if I don't, I'm sorry! There will be multiple when I return!


  1. I've read both of those books! It's been a while, but I know I loved them! Have fun!

  2. I've read Bergdorf Blondes a million times! Love it!!!

  3. I've read Bergdof Blondes (via audio book with GREAT accents) and loved it! A good vacation read!

  4. I doubt the Bachelorette distracted you very much, I found it kind of boring, haha. I love Something Borrowed! So envious your mom is going to teach you how to swew, that is awesome!!

  5. Something Blue is great, reading it now and almost done!

  6. I've read both Something Blue and Bergdorf Blondes SEVERAL times. They hold a special place on my bookshelf. You'll enjoy them!

  7. I love Bergdorf Blondes - it's such a good book.

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    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.