An interesting start to the weekend

My weekend started out quite eventful. On my way home from work Friday afternoon my car was rear ended at a stop light. Scariest moment ever, I don't think my heart stopped racing for a good 30 minutes! The worst part was that it shattered my entire back window and screwed up my new bike rack! :( (I was mostly concerned with the bike rack... not gonna lie!) Luckily a Mt.Pleasant rescue worker happened to see the whole thing and pulled over to help, along with another guy that gave me his information in case I needed him as a witness - such nice people! So I'm sitting in the middle of traffic on Hwy 17 and here comes the ambulance, fire truck, two tow trucks and two cop cars... awesome! I hate being the center of attention! I hid in my car until they made me get out! After trying to put me on a stretcher (which seemed ridiculous to me) I finally made my way home and sat on the phone with the insurance company and rental car company for a solid hour and a half... not fun! The whole time I was thinking "I have a harbor cruise tonight... and I still have to get ready, hurry up people!!"

I finally made it to the harbor cruise and put everything behind me... I was determined to have fun and not worry about it until Monday. I love harbor cruises but man was this a hot one! It was so muggy outside, not to mention cloudy so we didn't get to see the sun set. Boo! We had an amazing time nonetheless and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait for the harbor cruise next year! I also managed to meet a girl who is the manager at the rental car company I had an appointment with. She promised to give me a free upgrade - sweet!

The musician on the boat gave Amanda the name "beads"! ha!

Saturday we headed to Columbia because I was throwing a bridal shower with my mom on Sunday. On the way we stopped at our usual Pilot station to fill up... meanwhile, while waiting on a pump I watched this guy who clearly had never pumped gas before. Not only did he fiddle with the machine AFTER putting the pump in his gas tank but he proceeded to WRAP it around his car?! I couldn't resist... had to take a pic! (kinda hard to see!)

We had dinner at my grandparents Saturday evening and took a little cruise out on the lake, so relaxing... I could have stayed out there longer! Sophie loves the boat too!

Captain PawPaw!!
Sunday was the shower for Anna Ross. Anna Ross and I have been friends since we were 3 years old, we met in pre-school! We also fought over the one bride veil in the dress up clothes box... my mom told the story to everyone and ended it with "Well, Anna Ross won! She got the veil first!" Cute little correlation there! Anna Ross and I also went to high school and college together. So for the shower she invited high school and college friends. Here's some of the pictures.
College friends! Me, Anna Ross, Haley & Kira

High school friends! Dana, Anna, Anna Ross, Me & Ashley
As usual it was great seeing everyone and catching up. Can't wait for her wedding in July! I know she is going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride!


  1. You looked so pretty on the boat! I was rear-ended about three months ago and it sure is scary! Glad you're okay!

  2. I'm LOVING your dress? It's adorable! Where can I find the pattern? :)

  3. I too am loving the dress! Where did you find it? Love the blog as well.