Rosemary Beach Trip

I really don't even know where to begin with how much I love Rosemary Beach, Florida. It's the cutest town, cutest houses, you can ride your bike everywhere, white sand, blue water, yummy food... ahhh. Perfection. Now I feel like the beaches here in SC are yucky and I don't get quite as excited to go to them. Here are some pictures from our trip! I'm going to do other posts with more of my favorite "scenic" pictures... there are so many! It might take a few days!


Brices sisters and me! Shea, Allison & Mendy!

The Emerald Coast

Nightly bike rides after dinner... yes the whole crew went!

My first article of clothing I sewed!

Brice's parents and the grandkids!

With my sweet little Bricey Pooh :)
If anyone has a chance to go to Rosemary Beach, Watercolor Beach or Alys Beach (They are all right around each other) PLEASE GO! I cannot wait for another trip next year!


  1. Love that part of Florida! We stayed in Panama City one year, but ended up commuting to Destin most days... and one of our favorite parts was the drive there and back... that's when we discovered Rosemary, Seaside, Watercolor, and all those great little beach towns in between! Aren't they the greatest? Haven't been in a couple of years, but your blog is reminding me how much I'd love to go back! And I think we should stay at Rosemary :)

  2. I'm Florida born and raised and I'm so surprised I've never heard of Rosemary Beach before! I guess I'm not too familiar with West Florida. The town looks beautiful! Def have to take a visit since its in my own backyard!

  3. Wow that place looks beautiful! :) I'm jealous. You made that dress?! It's gorgeous! I envy your skills...

    ♥ www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com

  4. The beach looks beautiful. I have stayed in Destin before and it is gorgeous. I can't believe you made that dress. VERY CUTE! Glad you had fun :)