Makeover Needed

As much as I do love my cute little Shrimp & Glitz header I created back when I first started my blog, I am feeling the need for a makeover. I get super jealous when I see blogs where everything is just so pretty and perfect and everything just "goes together" Does anyone have any suggestions on designers I should look at for a new blog design? Any information would be very helpful! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Guess who's coming to visit?!

My little Sophie is coming tonight!! My mom had some things to bring me so she, my grandma and my sweet Sophie are coming to stay with me tonight. I am beyond excited!! How can you resist this sweet little face?!

I love her!! <3


New Product to LOVE!

Last time I went to my hair appointment I had all intentions of getting another bottle of my beloved Moroccan Oil. Then, my hairstylist Kelly mentioned that I should get Lanza Healing Stregnth. It's the same size as the large Moroccan Oil bottle, but costs about $9 less. It also won the 2010 Allure Best in Beauty award.

Far right!
After using this hidden little treasure I can say I absolutely love it and doubt I'll be going back to Moroccan Oil.  I use this product the same way. One little pump on damp hair in the morning and I use a quarter size amount on dry hair while I sleep about once or twice a week. I can really tell a difference in the shine of my hair after using this product! I also feel it has contributed in keeping my hair strong so I can continue to grow it out! I went a whole 5 months without cutting my hair... that is a ridiculously long time for me!! If I keep it up that means I won't be going back to the salon until Christmas... geez! Ok, I'll prob go to get a little trim for my bday in November :) I cannot wait to have long, luscious, silky locks!


Do I have A.D.D?

Throughout my life I've often wondered if I have A.D.D. Some days I can focus quite well, while others my mind is all over the place thinking of things that are so stupid and definitely nothing to stress over. I've always been a daydreamer, but sometimes I worry myself that I get too into daydreaming that I create stress and worry over the dumbest things! Today all of this has happened inside my little brain:

When can I wear this sparkly dress again? I love it so much! (far right, obviously)

What am I going to get to eat at Mustard Seed tonight?

What am I going to cook for Brice and his roomies on Thursday?

How am I going to do my hair for Anna Ross' wedding in a WEEK AND A HALF?! Let's not forget I have like 3 hairs on my head.

What am I going to wear to the rehearsal dinner? It would be great if I could have this... eyed it the other day at Belk, it's be-a-u-tiful in person! Most likely won't be happening though.

Lilly Pulitzer "Crystal Dress"
 Ok and I have 2 other rehearsal dinners coming up as well... what to wear to those?!

Gah, I can't wait for football season... what am I going to wear to the first game? Ooh I need to get game faces too...


War Eagle! (Brice's alma mater)

I seriously need a mani/pedi... and I completely forgot I have a Groupon to use! woo!

How long do I have to continue to go to body pump before my legs look like this? This is so frustrating. I've even started to try running at the gym... and I hate running! I'd love her skinny arms as well - oh to dream...

Cannot wait for my Hootie and the Blowfish Live in Charleston DVD to come in this week... getting myself all pumped up for the concert! Can't wait to sing every song at the top of my lungs!!

I can't wait for another vacation!! I miss Rosemary!

I cannot wait for Bridesmaids to come out on DVD

I'd really like to go to Disney World for my birthday... or Oktoberfest! But maybe another year...

What is it that I need to get from the grocery store this afternoon?

Trader Joe's opens next Friday! Woop! Hello cheaper groceries :)

Wow.. yes, this and more has ALL gone through my head today. Ridic.


Weekend Recap

Thursday I came home to find this lovely package sitting outside of my door...
IZZE!!! Yum! This is what was inside...
Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pomegranate & Clementine
I had never had IZZE before, so I was really anxious to try it. What is IZZE? It's pure fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water. No added sugar, caffeine or preservatives. It's very refreshing and not overly sweet like most sodas. I'd definitely buy them again, I really enjoyed the sparkling grapefruit the most!

Saturday Brice and I decided to not go to the beach and instead go look at boats. Ok, this was primarily Brice's decision... he wants a boat SO bad! This was one of our personal favorites:

Nice, right?! I think we've both decided that a 22 foot Scout in this aqua color is what we would LOVE! Well... hopefully someday we'll get to have this luxury!

 After dreaming we decided to head up to North Charleston to a fairly new little restaurant Brice had lunch at with his work crew one day. EVO stands for Extra Virgin Oven. It is so cute!! I love everything about this place. {including the fact that they serve your beverage in mason jars!} I just wish they were located in Mt. Pleasant!! {I guess that's a good thing though because I'd find myself there way too often.} Another reason to love this place is the fact that EVERYTHING is local. Even the meat! Although I was really eyeing their mushroom soup {which was a special that day} I decided to get the Pistachio Pesto. I'm obsessed with pesto and could literally eat it everyday... so I thought I'd try something other than basil pesto. This pizza was amazing!

Let me just list the description here... pistachio pesto, goat cheese, créme fraîche, house mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano, and sea salt. YUM!!

Brice chose their specialty, the Pork Trifecta.
Holy cow this was delicious... it includes: house made sweet sausage, pepperoni, smoked bacon, house mozzarella and red sauce. If you like meat... then this is your pizza!

It was a nice relaxing weekend... I definitely relaxed by taking a nap on Saturday AND a nap on Sunday. Geez... is this a sign of getting old??


New love... Spa Water

While we were at Rosemary Beach this summer, Brice's sister Mendy prepared "spa water" and we all fell in love! She had a special water pitcher, the Prodyne® Fruit Infusion Pitcher.
 It's an acrylic water pitcher with a tube that goes down the middle with holes in it. This tube holds anything you want to flavor your water with. There are a lot of great books out there with ideas, but we kept it simple and made cucumber water and cantaloupe water. Both were delicious! It's so much more refreshing than just plain old water! Another great idea is flavoring tea. {I think raspberry would be a great choice!}

When we all returned home we immediately took our Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons and purchased one immediately! So far I've had a lot of cucumber water, watermelon water, lemon & rosemary water and next I want to try a berry mix of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries & blackberries! Yum!


Weddings and more planking

This weekend we celebrated the nuptials of Caroline & Nick!! What would a weekend be without a wedding?! She was absolutely gorgeous (as always!) and it was such a beautiful and sweet wedding. I also met Caycee there!!

Mr. & Mrs. Rivera!

Jaime, Caro & Me - why do I look like an oompa loompa?
Unfortunately my camera kept getting in the way, so did my heels... so I took them to the car a little early and missed out on some great photo ops. Caroline's cousins surprised her with bright sunglasses (let's not forget they had their names and the date on the side!) and glow sticks... this made me insanely happy! And I also wished I had my camera... don't worry, I took notes for my own wedding one day! This shall be repeated!

Luckily Brice had his Blackberry to capture a few other moments to end our night...
we had gummie bears out of the dessert glasses...
And decided to do a few planks after...
Planking outside of the William Aiken house!
This guy decided to give it a shot too!
This random girl needed some help... I'm here to the rescue!
Omg... am I 12?? It was so fun though!! Just spreading planking throughout the Chuck!


4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a very happy 4th of July! My weekend consisted of going out with friends, a wedding b/c what would a weekend of mine be without one?!, and the beach of course! This was my first weekend at the beach since Rosemary, and all I can say is "ugh". It's so depressing coming back to brown sand and water that looks more like a lake than ocean. I guess I should just be happy that I actually live on a beach though! I just don't understand why they all can't be as perfect and pretty as Rosemary was! Here are some photos from the weekend:

The girls at Midtown... the band was great!
 The wedding we attended was at the William Aiken house downtown. I'm in LOVE with this place and am definitely putting it on my list for when the time comes!
Yes, I recycled a bridesmaids dress!

Happy bride & groom!!

Saw several lovely specimens such as this

4th of July fly over!! (planes are the itty bitty dots in the sky)
It was a very fun yet tiring weekend! So glad tomorrow will already be Wednesday. Guess what we have this coming weekend?? YES, a wedding!! And we still have THREE more this year! I love them, but this summer is insane!



Brice and I recently discovered this new craze out of Australia... Planking. We had no idea what it was so we looked it up on YouTube... and then laughed for hours!! Please see video:

We then decided to try a few planks ourselves...

We even got my friend Anna Ross' fiance, Lucas, to plank and send us a picture... he got pretty creative!

So I decided to submit it to plankinglol.com (Click HERE to see!) Brice also got a co-worker to plank! (Don't try this one!)

Brice and I are planning on rounding up our friends to plank all over Charleston this weekend! It's so dumb, but hilarious at the same time! I plan on posting some planking photos next week... anyone else who would like to join in on the "planking posts" are more than welcome! You can also tweet them (@brookejackson83) Let's see how creative you can get! (Without being dangerous or getting hurt!)