Do I have A.D.D?

Throughout my life I've often wondered if I have A.D.D. Some days I can focus quite well, while others my mind is all over the place thinking of things that are so stupid and definitely nothing to stress over. I've always been a daydreamer, but sometimes I worry myself that I get too into daydreaming that I create stress and worry over the dumbest things! Today all of this has happened inside my little brain:

When can I wear this sparkly dress again? I love it so much! (far right, obviously)

What am I going to get to eat at Mustard Seed tonight?

What am I going to cook for Brice and his roomies on Thursday?

How am I going to do my hair for Anna Ross' wedding in a WEEK AND A HALF?! Let's not forget I have like 3 hairs on my head.

What am I going to wear to the rehearsal dinner? It would be great if I could have this... eyed it the other day at Belk, it's be-a-u-tiful in person! Most likely won't be happening though.

Lilly Pulitzer "Crystal Dress"
 Ok and I have 2 other rehearsal dinners coming up as well... what to wear to those?!

Gah, I can't wait for football season... what am I going to wear to the first game? Ooh I need to get game faces too...


War Eagle! (Brice's alma mater)

I seriously need a mani/pedi... and I completely forgot I have a Groupon to use! woo!

How long do I have to continue to go to body pump before my legs look like this? This is so frustrating. I've even started to try running at the gym... and I hate running! I'd love her skinny arms as well - oh to dream...

Cannot wait for my Hootie and the Blowfish Live in Charleston DVD to come in this week... getting myself all pumped up for the concert! Can't wait to sing every song at the top of my lungs!!

I can't wait for another vacation!! I miss Rosemary!

I cannot wait for Bridesmaids to come out on DVD

I'd really like to go to Disney World for my birthday... or Oktoberfest! But maybe another year...

What is it that I need to get from the grocery store this afternoon?

Trader Joe's opens next Friday! Woop! Hello cheaper groceries :)

Wow.. yes, this and more has ALL gone through my head today. Ridic.


  1. I cannot wait for Trader Joe's to open! Two Buck Chuck!!

  2. i love going to body pump! and your mind kind of sounds like mine...glad to know its not just me!

  3. Ahh..I am the same way. My fiance gets mad at me because I obsessively worry about things that are not important.

    I went to Body Pump this morning! It was great...but so early! And my legs better start to look like Carrie's, because I almost died during the lunches and squats.

    And for your dress dilemmas...check out Rent the Runway. I rented a Lilly dress to wear to a wedding this past weekend - it was only $50 and the whole process is super easy. I got so many compliments, so it was worth it!

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