Makeover Needed

As much as I do love my cute little Shrimp & Glitz header I created back when I first started my blog, I am feeling the need for a makeover. I get super jealous when I see blogs where everything is just so pretty and perfect and everything just "goes together" Does anyone have any suggestions on designers I should look at for a new blog design? Any information would be very helpful! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love Danielle from Design Girl (http://www.danielle-moss.com/). She is very quick, reasonably priced, and really easy to work with. She did our travel blog (www.seasonallysouthern.com) and it's exactly what I wanted.

    Penny Lane did my blog and I do love it (it's also exactly what I wanted) but her prices are a little higher and her wait time is quite a bit longer.

  2. Lindsey at Sweet Simplicity (http://sweetsimplicitydesigns.blogspot.com/) did mine and made it all super easy. And her prices were very reasonable.

  3. Cornflake designs!


  4. I LOVE LOVE Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs. She just did mine and she was AMAZING! She has a large portfolio and she is super speedy and reasonable.


  5. I've heard wonderful things about Jenn at Munchkin Land designs! She's actually doing a giveaway right now for a free design!

  6. I got my Greenville Baby blog done from:
    She had a 50% off sale when I did it so it was super cheap! Check it out... maybe she still has a sale going on!

  7. Your a fellow graphic designer right?
    I'm sure you can figure out something?
    I love what you have!

  8. I know a few, but they cost hundreds or even thousands... I make all my own and I've designed others too. Sorry I don't have much advice. :/

    LOVE your blog too!! I am so following. :)

  9. I love fabulous creative k. She is pretty inexpensive and sets everything up for you! Good luck.