Weddings and more planking

This weekend we celebrated the nuptials of Caroline & Nick!! What would a weekend be without a wedding?! She was absolutely gorgeous (as always!) and it was such a beautiful and sweet wedding. I also met Caycee there!!

Mr. & Mrs. Rivera!

Jaime, Caro & Me - why do I look like an oompa loompa?
Unfortunately my camera kept getting in the way, so did my heels... so I took them to the car a little early and missed out on some great photo ops. Caroline's cousins surprised her with bright sunglasses (let's not forget they had their names and the date on the side!) and glow sticks... this made me insanely happy! And I also wished I had my camera... don't worry, I took notes for my own wedding one day! This shall be repeated!

Luckily Brice had his Blackberry to capture a few other moments to end our night...
we had gummie bears out of the dessert glasses...
And decided to do a few planks after...
Planking outside of the William Aiken house!
This guy decided to give it a shot too!
This random girl needed some help... I'm here to the rescue!
Omg... am I 12?? It was so fun though!! Just spreading planking throughout the Chuck!


  1. That is too funny. I was in Charleston over the 4th. I have photos of my boyfriend and my little brother planking in the Market and on stoops of people's homes!
    I found your blog through Megan at BeforeISpendIt

  2. Caroline is the sweetest person ever! She looked beautiful from the pics I've seen (and yes you are right - as she always does). Loving all of your planking pictures. :)

  3. I love weddings! And I'm really loving all your planking pictures! Too funny! :)