What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

AHH! Before I get to my loves... I have to to share this with you. And I'm just going to probably go ahead and label this as a love as well. Remember the wine glass holders I blogged about yesterday that I found on Pinterest??


Are these not GENIUS or what?! You can go HERE to purchase!

Still looking for that pink coat! grr...

Other loves...

My new bun - Thank you Allison! (aka PinkLouLou) this little bonnie made my day! Great reccomendation.
Yes. this is fake... don't judge, I don't have enough hair to make a REAL pretty bun!

My new breakfast of champions. I got a little tired of cereal. My  new breakfast includes: whole grain waffle, peanut butter, honey, half a banana and cinnamon. It's delish! Sort of like a waffle version of the oatmeal I love.

I realized this morning how long my hair was getting... so exciting!! Now just get THICKER please!

FOOTBALL SEASON is only 3 days away!! Whoop Whoop!

I am a Carolina fan, no I didn't go there but my parents did so I was born and raised a Gamecock. Brice went to Auburn so I pull for them when they don't play us! It's a lot easier to do on the off years (we only play them 2 years then we have off 2 years).

We have an amazing menu prepared for Saturday. Two words: Bobby Flay. Get excited... I'm sharing the recipe next week!

Oh, and I almost forgot... my new fragrance for fall. I have always been a huge fan of Armani Mania... but after bottles and bottles (plus it's hard to find) I decided I needed something new. My Lilly Perfume is just about out... so I went to Ulta and sniffed sniffed away. Of course... I went Armani AGAIN! Can't seem to get away from that guy.

Armani Code shall be my fall fragrance... so far I'm obsessed! It may just carry over into the winter as well. I got a small bottle just in case I didn't end up just loving it. But I do. :)

Tis all for now! Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!

P.S. I started my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred last night. I love it so far and am going to try and do it every night. BRING IT JILLIAN.


Pinterest Favs!

Pinterest will seriously suck you in... for real.

I sit in bed at night and can't seem to get off of the Pinterest iPhone app. It's such a quick and easy way to find the greatest stuff!! I thought I'd share with y'all some of my fav finds!

How cute is this dress?! AHH I need this!

Ok I need this for an Auburn game... preferably the one in two and a half weeks.
Where can I get this pronto?

I just NEED these. These are the ultimate Barbie shoes!!

Ok, a Pumpkin Martini?! Recipe needed ASAP. If this tastes anything like pumpkin ice cream sign me up!

What a great idea! Spray painted shells. These would be so cute on my coffee or side table.

OMG Where can I get this coat?! Cutest. Coat. Ever.

Ok... this might be the greatest invention of all time. I need this! Not like I picnic on the beach... or you can even have alcohol on SC beaches... but I would totally find somewhere to use it!

HAHA ok this just made me laugh. I'm sure we ALL could use this at some point!
And no, I would never key anyones car... but it's still just funny.


Last Wedding of the Year!

As many of you may know, we attended our LAST wedding of the year this past weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama. {Don't get me wrong, I love weddings... we've just been swamped lately!} The bride and groom are two of Brice's best friends from Auburn. It was great to see everyone and catch up since everyone lives all over the place! It was also nice to see WHITE sand again... oh how I wanted so badly to go back to Rosemary Beach... we were so close!!

The whole weekend was at The Beach Club Resort. It was beautiful! Here are some photos from the weekend:

Brice and Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Lovin the bling!

Pete's grandma's Whiskey Sour! {so good}

I proceeded to steal this one from the photographer's facebook! They are just so darn cute!!

Of course... leaving the reception with Auburn shakers!

Congratulations Pete & Beth!!

Jillian is about to be my new BFF

Goooood Morning!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am EXHAUSTED after traveling over 1200 miles (10 hours each way) to Gulf Shores, AL this weekend! Yes... ALL in a weekend! This will all be in another post.

However, I thought I'd share my new plan. I've been super slack on the gym lately. I'm just kind of bored and it's SO hot outside that by the time I get home from work I don't want to leave my apt. (It's also been rainy a lot of afternoons which leads to snuggling on the couch with  my fall candles burning and a cup of hot tea) So this is my new solution: Enter Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

One of my parents neighbors did this and lost a lot of weight. It's not that I need to lose weight but I'd like to get a little more toned. Have any of you ever tried this? It will take up less time than going to the gym, and I can do it in the morning before work if I know I have something to do that night and won't have time (HA HA I'm pretty sure that won't happen... but it's just another reason for me to purchase this)

Wish me luck!


Off to Alabama!

Yes... two posts in the same day! I decided to do Friday's Post on Thursday (actually I wrote this on Wednesday night) since we're heading down to Savannah tonight to get a head start on that 10 hour drive!

Sooo we're coming to an end with our wedding season folks...

We've (Brice and I) had quite a few this year! {and this is not all of them... some we weren't able to make!} However, It's so great to know that you have so many wonderful friends who want you to be a part of their special day :)

Let's recap...

Amanda & Matt - Jekyll Island, GA - March

Jenny & Chanan - Charleston, SC - April

which is where the "air guitar" was born...

Anna & Chris - Charleston, SC - July

Caroline & Nick - Charleston, SC - July

Anna Ross & Lucas - Columbia, SC - July

Anna & Cole - St. Matthews, SC - August

Photography by Courtney Dox Photography

And this weekend it will be Pete & Beth! Gulf Shores, Alabama - August

We were there last summer when Pete proposed and I cannot wait for this weekend to celebrate their marriage!

We will be heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama (hurricane free!) where I can lounge on white sand, gaze at crystal clear water once again, and hopefully get the tan back that I've lost. Yippeee! See y'all on Monday!

To Tom or Not to Tom?

I've thought about buying a pair of TOMS Shoes for a while. The only thing that has held me back is well, let's face it... they just aren't cute. It's such a great cause though and I've heard they are SO comfortable! I've found some that look my style...

I also just realized they come in a wedge! Cute!

I only wished they had sparkly wedges... then it would really be right up my alley.

 I'm sure most of you know that for every pair of shoes you buy they donate a pair to a child in need. This would make me feel so good!! I love helping people, and wish that somehow I had a ton of money so that I could actually help others. Right now it's just a dollar here and there at the grocery store. Let's also not forget founder, Blake Mycoskie, is a fellow Amazing Race Alum... shout out to Season 2! He actually got the idea for TOMS while traveling through Argentina on the Race. I can totally see where he is coming from too. I saw the same poverty while in Brazil... it is SAD y'all. I believe everyone needs to see this to truly appreciate what you have.

Do any of you own Toms? Do you like them? What do you wear them with?


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I don't know about y'all but I am SO ready for Fall! It really doesn't help that all of the 2011 Fall Fashion issues are coming out on the stands either. And when you go into a store... all you see are cute fall clothes. Yes, you may purchase but you cannot wear until it cools off A LOT! Unfortunately down here in good ole SC it doesn't cool off until maybe November. Sometimes we get some chilly days in October but it's still relatively warm! At least during the day.

What Fall "Stuff" I am loving.... {all images via Pinterest}

I love layers!! I also love the warm colors of fall... sometimes I feel that I look better in these colors rather than bright summer colors.You can just do so many fun things with accessories in the fall. In the summer it's like "what dress is the lightest and coolest while still being cute?!" Typically, a Lilly dress is all it takes.

HATS... a la Miss Carly Simon. Seriously, love her and p.s. this is one of the greatest albums of all time. I know all of the words to every song and am not ashamed to sing them at the top of my lungs! {And  yes, I have corrected people in the middle of singing karaoke "You're So Vain" when they get the lyrics wrong}

I have a deep purple hat similar to the one above that I can't wait to wear. I've had it since college, but really didn't have anywhere to wear it. SO happy to see them in magazines for this fall.

Darker nail polish - bright summer colors start to not look as pretty when my skin gets paler. These are my two fall/winter staples other than deep red.
OPI "Do You Know Jacques?"

OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark"
Hope everyone is having a happy hump day!


Go buy this now

My grandma bought me a bottle of this little miracle product this weekend. Oh my goodness it is a little bottle of happiness! It always NEVER FAILS that I mess up my nails right after painting them. Even when I {think} they might be dry... they aren't and then I have a messed up nail that I hate and end up picking at. Well, this shall happen no longer!

This is no lie... it literally dries in 30 seconds. I painted 2 coats of my regular polish. And immediately after I applied this top coat (which also leaves them so shiny and pretty!) and within 30 seconds I could go about my business and not worry about messing them up! 

Seriously.... if you paint your nails on a regular basis GO BUY THIS NOW!


Cole & Anna's Wedding!!

This weekend we headed on up to St. Matthews, South Carolina for Cole & Anna's wedding! It was such a fun weekend and we loved seeing a lot of our friends from Atlanta that we don't get to see often. The band was AH-MA-ZING I'm so having them play at my wedding one day. I mean, I might just plan my wedding around THEIR schedule. Seriously. Oh, it was Men of Distinction. Sorry, forgot to mention the bands name! They incorporated the whole wedding party and made everyone get out on the dance floor. I really didn't want to leave! Here are some photos from the weekend... including Cole serenading Anna! He sang "You are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne. Anna posted the whole video on facebook and if I can get it once she's back from her honeymoon I'll certainly post it! It was amazing! Cole needs to be discovered asap. Anyways... back to the photos!
Brice and Me... outside of where the reception was - YUMMY BBQ!

Grooms cake!

Bridal Party!


Mr. & Mrs. Norris

Brice and Me

Cole serenading Anna!

Girls on stage!

Boys on stage!
Happy Monday everyone!!