Happy Friday and a new blog to follow!

Happy Friday!!

I have a new blog for y'all to follow. My Amazing Race partner, Marisa, just got back into blogging. She started a blog... but never really ever started writing.

Well, she is back! She recently got married and will be blogging about her life as a newlywed! Follow her HERE! You can also check out her wedding photos featured on the Celebrity Bride Guide!

Hopefully I will get to see her Labor Day weekend... Christy is also coming...

HAA! No, she did not get arrested... we just thought it would be fun to get handcuffed by NYPD. Why??! No clue... seemed like a good idea at the time! 

I Can't wait for a little reunion!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday... I know I will, I have Toad & Hootie tonight! Fingers crossed for no rain... ugh. That would be a disaster!

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