I don't know how much more of this I can take

Of course I will continue to watch Bachelor Pad for the ridiculousness of it but seriously, can these two be any more ANNOYING?!

Spit mouth & Vienna Sausage
Seriously... let's first talk about how annoying Kasey's voice is. He sounds like he has a wad of spit in his mouth. If I have to see his tattoo and hear him say "I will guard and protect your heart" one more time I might scream. Also, how strange is it when Kasey tries to be all rough and tough to Jake then goes off and makes out with Vienna right before previews show her AGAIN yelling at Kasey "you were supposed to protect me!!" while crying. WOW - I have no words for her... she is CR-A-ZY. Vienna Sausage is a whiney brat. THE END.

Though I'm not a fan of Jake, and think he tries way too hard for people to think he's this super nice guy... I still have to root for him over Vienna Sausage and Kasey wad-o-spit.

I am done ranting on this show! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I don't know why I watch that crazy show! Vienna is just gross and Kasey is a perfect match for her.

    By the way, you have such a cute blog and I adore your clothes!!!

  2. cracks me up that you call him "spit mouth." i totally agree. it sounds like he needs to give one good throat clear and be on his way. they are both UBER annoying.

  3. Same here! They drive me nuts!

    I think Kasey has a speech impediment according to his Twitter this morning. STILL, it's the words that come out of his mouth that are annoying!

  4. Ha, I loved how they both said they played baseball / softball and then BOTH missed their targets! mwahaha