I'm not so sure about this...

So of course I've been reading about all of the new fall trends this year. Lately I've been hearing all about the new nail polish colors... some excite me, some... well not so much. Apparently, Chanel "Peridot" is "the" color for fall.

I'm sorry but I don't think I can do this one! It kind of reminds me of Shrek. On the bright side, cream/neutrals and vampy reds are also in... I think I'll stick with those! I have the perfect red so I'm pretty excited. 

Also, lets not forget it's perfect for Gamecock football!! My little game faces are just ready for me to wear them... cannot wait!

Happy Thursday! Oh, and better yet... Happy Jersey Shore premiere day! In honor of that... I'd like to post this picture from our Jersey Shore party 2 years ago. Amazing.

Sorry for the short randomness of this post...tomorrow is FRIDAY... TGIF!!!


  1. Yep, definitely not a fan of that nail polish color. But I am a fan of Jersey Shore and glad you reminded me it premieres tonight!

  2. I am so ready for Gamecock football. My husband has already made a bet that we will be National Champions! We can only hope!!!

  3. I LOVE that you're such a gamecock fan :) Did your mom make the dress your wearing in the picture above?? All your clothes are so amazing! She does such a great job!

  4. Oh no. That nail polish isn't cute. I'm so glad that you wrote that. I saw it and made a face and then read what you had written. Thank goodness.

    Per the commenter above me, your mom makes your dresses?! So fun!

  5. OMG I was not expecting that Jabroni pic, and it cracked me up! Hilarious!

  6. I agree with you on the nail polish color- NOT a fan! At first I thought you were posting it because you loved it... glad to see you agree that it looks like Shrek!

    Gotta love the insanity that is Jersey Shore though! Happy I found your blog- it's too cute :)

  7. That nail polish color would look sick on my skin tone. I would possibly consider wearing it on Halloween night if someone made me.

  8. How pretty is that nail polish shade! I can never get chanel polish to stay on my nails.