What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday!! Finally over that hump! Since summer is coming to an end {so sad!} and if you're like me you are having less time at the beach because either a) you are out of town for weddings or b) it's just too darn hot. Because of this you are losing your tan!! {dreadful!!} Here are two products that will seriously extend your little summer glow :)

The first product I have only used for about a week. Brice's sister introduced me to this after I commented on how tan she always was. News to me that it came from a tube! Could have fooled me!

Hello L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gelee (GELEE is the key word here... not lotion)
I even put this stuff on my face... drys fast, no streaking, no orange, and most importantly no stinky smell!! LOVE this stuff and I hope L'Oreal never stops production!

The second little tube of love is one I've been using for about a year now and am obsessed. I like to use it only on weekends so it lasts longer. It gives you such a gorgeous tan glow.. and it smells amazing! I always get compliments, little do people know it is not perfume - it's the bronze!

At Ulta you can purchase this in a small $10 tube {at the kiosk in front of the check out counter} or in the LORAC section you can purchase the larger $32 bottle. I'm pretty sure the $32 bottle would last me a year... the $10 one lasts forever b/c a little goes a LONGGG way! Another reason to love! I've seriously had the same little tube all summer. Mixed with lotion it really spreads good. This works out so perfect in the winter too because it gives a glow to dull pale skin. In my opinion, shimmer and sparkle just make my day happy!

I wish I had before and after photos... I'll have to take pics of that this weekend and post next week.

Oh, I almost forgot... MT.PLEASANT PEOPLE... if you haven't tried the new Basil already, GO. I went last night for a girls dinner {shout out: Kira "Kiki", Amanda, Jenny, and Colleen!} and I love that it is SO much larger than the Basil downtown. The outdoor seating is awesome as well. So happy this is approx. 10 min from me! :) I dominated my plate of Pad See Ew. Amazing... but my tummy hurts today!


  1. I wish we had an Ulta! We have Sephora- is it anything like that?
    Also- I have used that gel! It IS awesome! :)
    Love Love Lorac!

  2. I will try both of these. I have been going to a regular tanning bad ...terrible I know!! I really want to stop.