What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

AHH! Before I get to my loves... I have to to share this with you. And I'm just going to probably go ahead and label this as a love as well. Remember the wine glass holders I blogged about yesterday that I found on Pinterest??


Are these not GENIUS or what?! You can go HERE to purchase!

Still looking for that pink coat! grr...

Other loves...

My new bun - Thank you Allison! (aka PinkLouLou) this little bonnie made my day! Great reccomendation.
Yes. this is fake... don't judge, I don't have enough hair to make a REAL pretty bun!

My new breakfast of champions. I got a little tired of cereal. My  new breakfast includes: whole grain waffle, peanut butter, honey, half a banana and cinnamon. It's delish! Sort of like a waffle version of the oatmeal I love.

I realized this morning how long my hair was getting... so exciting!! Now just get THICKER please!

FOOTBALL SEASON is only 3 days away!! Whoop Whoop!

I am a Carolina fan, no I didn't go there but my parents did so I was born and raised a Gamecock. Brice went to Auburn so I pull for them when they don't play us! It's a lot easier to do on the off years (we only play them 2 years then we have off 2 years).

We have an amazing menu prepared for Saturday. Two words: Bobby Flay. Get excited... I'm sharing the recipe next week!

Oh, and I almost forgot... my new fragrance for fall. I have always been a huge fan of Armani Mania... but after bottles and bottles (plus it's hard to find) I decided I needed something new. My Lilly Perfume is just about out... so I went to Ulta and sniffed sniffed away. Of course... I went Armani AGAIN! Can't seem to get away from that guy.

Armani Code shall be my fall fragrance... so far I'm obsessed! It may just carry over into the winter as well. I got a small bottle just in case I didn't end up just loving it. But I do. :)

Tis all for now! Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!

P.S. I started my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred last night. I love it so far and am going to try and do it every night. BRING IT JILLIAN.


  1. Oh my goodness I need those wine holders STAT. Also, happy gameday! Go Cats!

  2. You're bun looks so cute!! How precious! I can't wait for football season either...so much fun!

  3. I love your little bun sweetie! I think the wine holder would be great in the big flower pots out by our pool! :) Maybe for next summer! Glad you are eating nutritiously! :) Go Gamecocks! luv... ~mama

  4. Your bun is adorable! Can't wait for Game Day! You and Brice are so cute together!

  5. YAY you found them!

    Thanks for the shout out sister! I love Bonnie. I like to pin her up a bit so she doesn't get so heavy. haha.

    PSS I wear Armani code in the fall!! great minds think alike. ;)

  6. I love your gameday outfits! Where did you get the belts? So excited for some SEC football! Thanks!!