The Blog has come to a halt.

I now have realized that I haven't had time to write anything worthwhile on my blog... I haven't read anyone elses blogs either. I also have not picked up ANY of the 4 magazines I received in the mail this week. This is typically something that makes my day. I've been entirely too busy at work and too busy stressing over this reception venue.

We've got it down to about 2 or 3. But really, there is just one that I really want. 

SO.... say lots and lots of prayers for me that I can get that venue! If so, after Tuesday it might be happy blogging, facebooking, twittering from here on out! I certainly hope so at least. I am ready to start workin on all the fun details!! And DRESS SHOPPING!!

Hope everyone has a happy weekend! :)


Our engagement!

As many of you  may know Brice and I had planned on going to Coast for dinner Thursday night for Charleston Restaurant Week. I didn't notice anything weird at dinner, but Brice did down two beers pretty quickly and kept texting on his phone (he complained last weekend when I pulled out my phone to look up something "I don't like it when people are on their phones at the dinner table!"). We had already decided before that it would be nice to take a walk in Battery Park after to walk off our dinner. Plus... Charleston is just so gorgeous at night! 
spot where we got engaged! :)
As we started walking around Brice started talking about our wedding season being over and how it will be fun to start planning our own wedding! I think I was just like "oh yeah that will be fun!" Super oblivious. After that it just got mushy and I really don't remember anything he said and then noticed him fiddling with his pocket! Let's not forget the fact that he also had started sweating and his voice was shaking! haha poor Bricey. It was all a complete blur... and I don't really remember much about what was said but I just jumped up and down a lot!! 

We called our families and I sent out a big text to all of my friends. Brice mentioned that he wanted us to go get a celebratory cocktail at Red's which is where we met each other. When we got there all of our friends were there to greet us! What a great surprise! I was SO happy that all of our friends were just as excited as we were... we have SUCH wonderful friends!

we were just a little wind blown and sweaty!
We left for Columbia Friday night to stay with my family on the way to Clemson. We popped a little bubbly and told everyone the whole story... and how I had already figured out a wedding date... in a day. I was just a little excited and antsy on Friday!!

with my grandparents

with my parents!
Saturday morning we left bright and early for Clemson... of course I took a couple photos of my ring. iPhone photos just weren't good enough!
Picture does not do it justice!! It is SO SO SPARKLY!!

love the diamonds on the inside!
I am so obsessed, clearly. It is SO perfect!!

with my FIANCE :) Has a nice ring to it!

 THIS is what I was gonna have to sleep in!! ahhhh

After the game we headed up to Spartanburg to stay with Marisa and Kent for Jaime's son Harper's first birthday!!

Uncle Brice and Auntie Brooke


like old times!

finally digging into that cake!!
I had SUCH an amazing weekend. Thank you all for your congrats! I cannot wait to share ideas and plans with you all along the way!


Exciting News!!


I'm not going to go into all the details... will save that for an after the weekend post! (waiting for some pics to come my way!) But here is a picture of the ring, and it really doesn't do it justice. It is SO sparkly and just perfect!! Couldn't be happier!! :)


It feels like Friday

Seriously, it really does feel like a Friday! And I think it should be.

I guess it's because I have so many things going on right now to look forward to. {which is a good thing, just BUSY with a lot on my mind!}

Tonight, Brice and I are going to Restaurant Week round two. We're going to Coast because we absolutely love Coast. {Plantain Encrusted Mahi Mahi... YUMM} And then walking around downtown because a) I just love downtown Charleston at night - all of the restaurants smell SO good! and b) we're probably gonna need to walk off our dinner!

I heard about this video on the radio this morning... haha!! Old people trying to figure out a web cam!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Columbia so I get to see my little Sophie! I cannot wait.

hahaha as if you haven't seen enough pictures of her already this week!

Anna Ross is stopping by with her new baby, Bentley!! He is one pound!:)

We're going to Clemson for the AUBURN game on Saturday morning. Ok, we have to LEAVE at 7 am. It's a noon game... I hate noon games! Oh, ps. did I mention it's me and 7 boys?? HELP ME. I thought their wives/girlfriends were coming!?

3 of the 7...

But then we get to go see Marisa and Kent Saturday night!

hahaha this picture makes me laugh! So typical.

Jaime is having Harper's birthday party on Sunday. He will be one!! I remember last year when I posted our first meeting after he was born... he is so sweet!

Harper when he was an infant

Harper now!! He is the cutest little boy ever! I can't wait to give him hugs and kisses!

He might be my future son in law. However, I'm sure we will ALL be fighting over who's daughter gets to marry him!! :)


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

A few days ago I saw a preview of the new Essie Fall 2011 collection. AH! I cannot wait!!

The first 3 seem to be my favorite so far... they would go with anything!

Of course what would a Wednesday be without some lovely Pinterest finds!

Love Love this dress! I NEED for my birthday dress.

Cute fall ensemble!

Fall version of the maxi? Yes please

T-shirt necklace... so cute and clever!!
The other day I was playing around on iTunes and I remembered I wanted to hear some of the Pistol Annies songs. I mean, how can you not love Miranda Lambert?

I LOVED all of their songs. However I do have a few favs off the album.... Lemon Drop, Boys from the South, and Takin Pills. Y'all please go listen to this if you haven't already! I'll probably buy a couple (or all) soon! I'm already very excited for her Baggage Claim album as well! {should be coming out sometime soon...}

Also, my inner nerd is SUPER excited about the newest installment in the Twilight series... Breaking Dawn. So you KNOW I got excited when THIS came out. {they don't have an embed on youtube for it yet... so click on THIS}. I got goosebumps!! You better believe I will be at that midnight showing! Last time we got rained on... hopefully not this time! It IS in my birthday month for goodness sake. That can only mean good things!

And last but certainly not least... THIS comes out next Tuesday!! AHHH I cannot contain my excitement!!


I want a puppy!!

Yes... I want a puppy!!

Am I getting one? No. :( But I really really want one!

I think I just miss my little Sophie Annabella WAY too much! We got Sophie when I was living at home with my parents {Yes - that happened at the age of 25} Sophie was my little buddy! I mean, I call her my little sissy for goodness sake.

A little about us...

Our first meeting... she gave me kisses!

My favorite!! Look at her little foot :)

We play dress up...

 We take naps together...

We facebook together... hahah jk

 We go to the beach together...

We ride bikes together...

We play ball together...

We go on "rides" together...

We go swimming together...

Sophie loves naps with Brice too!

We even play on Photo Booth when we're bored and nothing is on tv. (excuse the lazy eyes)

I miss not seeing her everyday!

Which brings me to the conclusion that I NEED a puppy! I have a huge void that needs to be filled. 

Clearly, I'm not getting a dog seeing how my parents have random $800 vet bills b/c oh, Sophie has an itch. Did I mention she has her own dermatologist?? Ummm I don't even have a dermatologist. This is ridic. But whatev for little Princess Sophie.

But if I DID in fact have a dog, it would have accessories such as this...

ummm this is a MUST.

AHHH a puppy sleeping bag! How cute.
I actually saw one of these at Marshall's... should have bought it for Soph!!

 Doggie house robe! Looks so snuggly and already matches Sophie's favorite blanket.

While I'm sure Brice would prefer items such as this...
Ok... I lie. Probably just this...

I will NOT be buying items such as this ridiculousness...

hahahahah ok this is hysterical. I saw Allison post about cat weaves and that ridiculousness, but here we are with the dog weave! The most ridic thing I have ever seen. Poor dog!! hahah I'm still laughing!

Tis all for tonight my friends... I'm sure you all think I am super weird now. Oh well, I'm going to go look at little puppies and cry because I want one.