Crazy Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!! This weekend was quite eventful. First, I'd like to just say sorry for these ALL being iPhone photos. I didn't have my camera with me either night, which never happens?!

Friday night as many of you may know, Brice and I had dinner at Amen Street for Charleston Restaurant week. On the way to dinner I took this photo from the top of the parking garage. Charleston is simply the best city in the world... LOVE!

They took a while getting to our table, so they gave us a free appetizer of fried green tomatoes - YUM!. Total, this is what all we had to eat:

Fried Green Tomatoes (with pickled okra & pimento cheese)
Fried Calamari (the best)
She Crab Soup
Flounder w/ mashed potatoes and asparagus
Shrimp & Grits (I ordered this, obvi)
Fresh berry bread pudding
Chocolate Terrine

Seriously, did we need this much food? NO. Did we eat it all? YES. With the exception of some left overs that we brought home.

Here is a picture I took of the calamari... simply bc it was AMAZE. The best calamari I have EVER had!

After dinner we headed to The Gin Joint, a prohibition era bar. Every cocktail includes gin. Which I am not a fan of, however they make it actually taste delicious! I had the Gin & Basil Smash (which was delish!! I didn't take a photo though). Look at Brice's cute little Mint Julep! I especially love that the waiters wear suspenders and a bow tie! :)

It made me seriously want to plan a trip to the Derby next year.

Saturday morning was the typical....

Brice's gameday breakfast shot with his Auburn buddies. This just isn't appealing to me!
I settled for a mimosa.

After the Auburn game we headed over to Kira's "Kiki" house to watch our Gamecocks take on the Georgia Bulldogs! This game could not have been more stressful! However we came out on top and won! woohoo!! It was then time for celebration... which somehow ended up into a Halloween/beer pong/college party??? We are 27/28 years old. promise.

Amanda flossed Ran's teeth....

I dressed up as a horse, and Kiki wore a tacky fake Fendi jacket... {p.s. she notified me this morning that this jacket made it out to the bars}

Group shot!

Wine was consumed from a bag in which you had to "slap" after consuming. PS. The tiny bit of this that I did consume would explain the migraine I woke up with at 5 am.

Then the dance party in the kitchen happened. Kiki is really into it!! hahah

Good times were had by all... now I'm gearing up for our trip to Clemson this weekend for the AUBURN game! Gonna be another fun one!



  1. Oh my word. Looks like BLAST! That head horse is totes creepy. ;)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! That USC/Georgia game was ridiculous. Ha, I loved it - but was glad that I'm not a big fan of either team. If I was, I would have been FREAKING out!

  3. I love Charleston! I was there for Labor Day weekend! I also live 20 minutes from Clemson! When you are there try 3 Spoons if you like frozen yogurt! It's off 123 across the road from Waffle House! :) Have a great week and weekend!

  4. LOl you are too cute. I love it. mmm Mint Juleps are my fav!

  5. Ha ha... don't worry, me and my friends are already in our 30's and still acting like 21 year olds. :) Why not?!?

    The horse head is hilarious, btw.