I NEED this

I just stumbled upon this gorgeous necklace on Etsy and I am obsessed! I want one so bad! {Birthday/Christmas list... hint hint}

It's a 1 inch gold disc necklace with your monogram engraved. I mean, seriously... this would go with everything. While I typically don't wear many necklaces, I LOVE this and it's something I could see incorporating into my everyday attire!

I found this on Pradman Jewelry's Etsy page.

Oh and look! You can get matching earrings!

I also found these two items which I love. I love this turquoise/aqua color with the gold.

lovvveee these

On a random note... I'm making a tomato pie for the first time tonight for Brice. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to make one. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I'll be sure to take pictures for tomorrows post.

Oh and ps. Jillian was harder on day 2. Seriously. But I did it and that is all that matters... a little sore today! Day 3 is gonna be a tough one!! I may be hobbling through the weekend. Jillian says by day 5 it should be easier. We'll see about that, Jillian.

2 days until football my friends...  whoop whoop!


  1. You're a champ doing JM two days in a row!

  2. Super cute necklace! And it may be two days til football for you, but my season starts tonight!! I'm wearing my official UK plaid! So so happy for football! Which means fall is around the corner!!!

  3. beautiful! you definitely need that necklace!

  4. Love that necklace! You're right, it would work with about everything!

  5. I looove that necklace!!! I did Jillian too a year ago and it was amazing - you definitely see huge results!

  6. I did the first day of Jillian's shred and never went back! Good luck with yours!!! :)

  7. Oh my word how cute is that necklace. Now I need one!


  8. ahhh i would LOVE to get that too :) so cute girl! now i want one! ps super cute blog!

  9. Hi, This is John from Pradman Jewelry. Thank you for liking our jewelry. Would love to hear more coments about our line. Feel free to email us for more info. Visit www.pradman.com for more.
    Thanks a bunch to Shrimp&Glitz
    John & Nicole.