I want a puppy!!

Yes... I want a puppy!!

Am I getting one? No. :( But I really really want one!

I think I just miss my little Sophie Annabella WAY too much! We got Sophie when I was living at home with my parents {Yes - that happened at the age of 25} Sophie was my little buddy! I mean, I call her my little sissy for goodness sake.

A little about us...

Our first meeting... she gave me kisses!

My favorite!! Look at her little foot :)

We play dress up...

 We take naps together...

We facebook together... hahah jk

 We go to the beach together...

We ride bikes together...

We play ball together...

We go on "rides" together...

We go swimming together...

Sophie loves naps with Brice too!

We even play on Photo Booth when we're bored and nothing is on tv. (excuse the lazy eyes)

I miss not seeing her everyday!

Which brings me to the conclusion that I NEED a puppy! I have a huge void that needs to be filled. 

Clearly, I'm not getting a dog seeing how my parents have random $800 vet bills b/c oh, Sophie has an itch. Did I mention she has her own dermatologist?? Ummm I don't even have a dermatologist. This is ridic. But whatev for little Princess Sophie.

But if I DID in fact have a dog, it would have accessories such as this...

ummm this is a MUST.

AHHH a puppy sleeping bag! How cute.
I actually saw one of these at Marshall's... should have bought it for Soph!!

 Doggie house robe! Looks so snuggly and already matches Sophie's favorite blanket.

While I'm sure Brice would prefer items such as this...
Ok... I lie. Probably just this...

I will NOT be buying items such as this ridiculousness...

hahahahah ok this is hysterical. I saw Allison post about cat weaves and that ridiculousness, but here we are with the dog weave! The most ridic thing I have ever seen. Poor dog!! hahah I'm still laughing!

Tis all for tonight my friends... I'm sure you all think I am super weird now. Oh well, I'm going to go look at little puppies and cry because I want one.



  1. Ha!!! I love the dog weaves! And all of your puppy accessories are ADORABLE...makes ME want a puppy....but I have a CHILD..ha! Maybe when he gets older :)

  2. oh my gosh! I love the bedazzled leash and the robe! hahaha. Umm so I dog sat this weekend and I will never get a dog. SO MUCH WORK!

  3. Your little sissy misses you so much! I told her tonight I am going to make her a doggie sleeping bag...complete with monogram of course! We are thinking of this year's Halloween costume....Lady Gaga???? Oh no...she's too much of a princess for that!

  4. Awww she is precious! I want a puppy so so bad, but need to hold off until I have a real house. I have to force myself to avoid petfinder.com or I'll end up adopting!

  5. Puppies are always soo adorable. I love my two dogs more than anything lol but they do cost a lot in vet bills sometimes :(

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