It feels like Friday

Seriously, it really does feel like a Friday! And I think it should be.

I guess it's because I have so many things going on right now to look forward to. {which is a good thing, just BUSY with a lot on my mind!}

Tonight, Brice and I are going to Restaurant Week round two. We're going to Coast because we absolutely love Coast. {Plantain Encrusted Mahi Mahi... YUMM} And then walking around downtown because a) I just love downtown Charleston at night - all of the restaurants smell SO good! and b) we're probably gonna need to walk off our dinner!

I heard about this video on the radio this morning... haha!! Old people trying to figure out a web cam!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Columbia so I get to see my little Sophie! I cannot wait.

hahaha as if you haven't seen enough pictures of her already this week!

Anna Ross is stopping by with her new baby, Bentley!! He is one pound!:)

We're going to Clemson for the AUBURN game on Saturday morning. Ok, we have to LEAVE at 7 am. It's a noon game... I hate noon games! Oh, ps. did I mention it's me and 7 boys?? HELP ME. I thought their wives/girlfriends were coming!?

3 of the 7...

But then we get to go see Marisa and Kent Saturday night!

hahaha this picture makes me laugh! So typical.

Jaime is having Harper's birthday party on Sunday. He will be one!! I remember last year when I posted our first meeting after he was born... he is so sweet!

Harper when he was an infant

Harper now!! He is the cutest little boy ever! I can't wait to give him hugs and kisses!

He might be my future son in law. However, I'm sure we will ALL be fighting over who's daughter gets to marry him!! :)


  1. I love Coast! So so good! And that video with the grandparents is hilarious. Çracking me up! Have fun at the game this weekend!

  2. oooh my gosh this little one is SO freaking cute! Oh my goodness look at those eyes!

  3. Sounds like you have a busy weekend! The puppies are so cute!!

  4. You know i love it when i make your blog!!! And now my sweet baby Betley made it!! AND YOU ARE ENGAGED!! Cant wait to stop by and see you and the fam and the ring!!