It's a random Thursday!

First and foremost I have a mission for everyone.

Help me find something to wear to the Auburn vs. Clemson game next weekend!!

Brice informed me that Auburn fans will wear navy and Clemson will wear orange. (Auburn wears navy when away if the teams both share the color orange... who knew?!)

I'm wanting a navy dress with cowboy boots, which I already have. Orange accents are welcome, just the whole dress can't be orange. I will also be sporting my AU button and game face of course!  Ok... GO. Find me a dress!!! 

I NEED this to match my Gamecock one!!
You can get your own game day pimp cup HERE!

Ok so I haven't been up on the Pink and Green Thursday recently... so I'm going to post a few cute little pink and green finds that I've spotted recently! Of course... on Pinterest. So obsessed.

I would like this for my birthday cake please!! FYI... 2 months from tomorrow! :)

Gorgeous flowers!! Oh... one day

Cute dress! Or, maybe it's just b/c it's on Marisa Miller and she makes everything look perfect.

Ahhhh WHERE can I get this jacket?! MUST.

Ok so maybe this is more coral than pink. But let's just pretend it's pink. Can we first talk about where I can get these shoes?! And love the outfit!

Ok so maybe these aren't pink and green but I love them nonetheless.

Super cute!!

I HAVE TO have a girl one day... she will be rocking something of this sort. But in pink. And the flower might have a rhinestone or two on it.

Happy Thursday everyone!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! TGIAF {thank goodness it's almost friday!}


  1. I'm pretty sure that pink blazer is from Zara. Which, although I haven't seen it online, started taking online orders from American yesterday for the first time ever! I love that whole outfit! And now I want the Clemson goblet.

  2. How presh is that onesie? If I ever have a girl, I will put that on her.

    That pimp cup is awesome ... I need one.

    LOVE Marisa Miller! She is so gorgeous. What sucks is every time I look throught a VS catalog I want it all then I remember my body does NOT look like theirs and I get the sads.

    Coral is like my favorite color of the season, that outfit is amazing. The shoes are to die!!

    Great stuff in this post =)

  3. Here is your dress boo! I have a few from this website in UK colors of course, Diana is a SWEETHEART! Tell her I sent you ;)


  4. I finally have had time to start looking at Pintrest and I CANNOT STOP haahahah super addicting. I love love that pimp glass, amazing find!

  5. Loving that hair! I need the pimp cup, too! Look at Lulus for dresses! I scored an adorable one-long-sleeved dress on there in navy!!

  6. Super cute Auburn dresses:

  7. I remember seeing this post and just found those shoes, going to share the wealth: http://www.zappos.com/gabriella-rocha-tama-berry-synthetic-leather

    They are so cute! :) xoxo