Our engagement!

As many of you  may know Brice and I had planned on going to Coast for dinner Thursday night for Charleston Restaurant Week. I didn't notice anything weird at dinner, but Brice did down two beers pretty quickly and kept texting on his phone (he complained last weekend when I pulled out my phone to look up something "I don't like it when people are on their phones at the dinner table!"). We had already decided before that it would be nice to take a walk in Battery Park after to walk off our dinner. Plus... Charleston is just so gorgeous at night! 
spot where we got engaged! :)
As we started walking around Brice started talking about our wedding season being over and how it will be fun to start planning our own wedding! I think I was just like "oh yeah that will be fun!" Super oblivious. After that it just got mushy and I really don't remember anything he said and then noticed him fiddling with his pocket! Let's not forget the fact that he also had started sweating and his voice was shaking! haha poor Bricey. It was all a complete blur... and I don't really remember much about what was said but I just jumped up and down a lot!! 

We called our families and I sent out a big text to all of my friends. Brice mentioned that he wanted us to go get a celebratory cocktail at Red's which is where we met each other. When we got there all of our friends were there to greet us! What a great surprise! I was SO happy that all of our friends were just as excited as we were... we have SUCH wonderful friends!

we were just a little wind blown and sweaty!
We left for Columbia Friday night to stay with my family on the way to Clemson. We popped a little bubbly and told everyone the whole story... and how I had already figured out a wedding date... in a day. I was just a little excited and antsy on Friday!!

with my grandparents

with my parents!
Saturday morning we left bright and early for Clemson... of course I took a couple photos of my ring. iPhone photos just weren't good enough!
Picture does not do it justice!! It is SO SO SPARKLY!!

love the diamonds on the inside!
I am so obsessed, clearly. It is SO perfect!!

with my FIANCE :) Has a nice ring to it!

 THIS is what I was gonna have to sleep in!! ahhhh

After the game we headed up to Spartanburg to stay with Marisa and Kent for Jaime's son Harper's first birthday!!

Uncle Brice and Auntie Brooke


like old times!

finally digging into that cake!!
I had SUCH an amazing weekend. Thank you all for your congrats! I cannot wait to share ideas and plans with you all along the way!


  1. The ring is beautiful! Congrats :) It's such an amazing time, feeling, and moment!

  2. Congrats on your engagement! So exciting :) Charleston is so romantic, the perfect proposal spot--thanks for sharing the story!

    Ps: Your ring is beautiful! xoxo

  3. Congratulations! Battery Park is such a wonderful place... well, Charleston in general is an awesome engagement place. Enjoy the wedding planning! Try not to stress while planning - everything will work out!


  4. You look PERFECT! Love the dress on you sister! xoxo PS CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT!!!!! so exciting!! love it!! xoxo

  5. Congratulations!! Such a sweet story and beautiful ring!


  6. Congratulations! Love all of your outfits in these pics, you look stunning and so happy!

  7. Congratulations! Take many an opportunity to admire its reflection in the car window when you're "casually" fixing your hair, and also when you're distracted by typing. Trust me, you will lose track of time! How exciting! I've been reading your blog for a minute and have been wondering when he was going to propose! I'm so excited for you! =)

  8. What a perfect weekend! You look absolutely stunning in all of the pictures! Congratulations :)

  9. Your ring is awesome! I also love your gameday dress!

  10. What an awesome engagement story! The ring is beautiful! Congratulations!

  11. So exciting! You can tell how HAPPY you are in the pictures. Congratulations again!!

  12. its is a beautiful ring and you guys are such a beautiful couple. I love this story! Your friends met you after? How great is that!

  13. Congratulations girl!!