What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Can we first begin with What I'm NOT Loving Wednesday?

I almost thought Palmetto Bug season was over. Oh, I guess I was wrong. I heard a little noise a minute ago ... I must have good ears because lo and behold I saw the enemy over by my door. He must've smelled my new pumpkin spice candle and thought he would come on in for a little treat. I seriously wish I had a camera set up watching me try and kill this harmless bug.

Harmless... YES. Although, disgusting and I act like he {like I really know the gender of a cock roach} could kill me? YES.

Seriously prancing around my living room on my tippy toes with a large can of Raid. I finally killed the nasty specimen but he was a tough one! eww. I just hope it gets cold soon. For this reason alone!

However, I went on my nightly rummage and routine of standing in the middle of my kitchen like "hmmm do I have any good snacks? (keep in mind I wrote this on Tuesday night) Chocolate in particular??" I ended up finding these little treats... totally forgot I had them! Don't worry, they are still good I keep them in the freezer. YUM.

I'm loving that I just found out that Charleston Restaurant Week starts TODAY! 

Brice and I love going every year and trying a new restaurant that we have never been to since there are SO many great restaurants here! We made reservations for Amen Street this Friday, so excited!! And we are going to go back to Coast next week because a) it's one of our favorite restaurants and b) their restaurant week menu sounds amaaaazingg! If you are not from Charleston, but have seen the movie Dear John... there is a scene showing them leaving dinner from Coast. Of course I got really excited and pointed this out immediately.

Some more Pinterest finds...

Ok, whichever of my friends gets married next. PLEASE I beg you... have this little combo at your wedding! (Wedding we went to last weekend had a cookie cake and milk shots :) Or... if you're feeling fancy, make that Chocovine instead of milk... BETTER!

These earrings are so gorg!!

How cute!! I would love for this to be my front door :)

Sophie's Halloween costume this year! ahahaha


by Betsey Johnson
I will totally have this on my front door one day.

ummm I would wear this everywhere. ha!!

Tis all for now!! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am feeling you on those palmetto bugs - one crawled up in my bed when I was sleeping a few weeks ago. One of the scariest things ever! I slept on the couch for a week and went bug killing crazy. I bought those little poison motels and the pills that you drop everywhere for them to eat. They eat it and then go back to their little families and it kills everyone. Seems to have worked, thank goodness!

  2. I love restaurant week it really is such a great way to try new restaurants in the area! I also LOVE the giant monogram for the front door! ...someday :)

  3. I wish we had Resturant Week ...sounds fun!

    LOVE that glittery top!

  4. We have restaurant week too starting Saturday! I love the cookies and milk at a reception. Our friends did it so we couldn't but it was a huge hit!

  5. Ah! Thin Mints are my FAVORITE! Next year I am seriously stocking up, I want them to last an entire year :)