2012 Wedding Season has begun!

Yes... that is right. After 2011 being such a crazy wedding season I was sure that 2012 would be a break and everything would slow down. Well, not so much! Not only has mine and Brice's wedding planning begun, but I attended my first engagement party of the year, and one of my best friends and bridesmaids got engaged on Thursday! {Congratulations Hay!!}

Haley & Thomas... how cute are they?!

My good friend Laura is getting married in May and we had her engagement party last night in Aiken, SC. It was so much fun to catch up with friends who we don't get to see that often!

And what a good sport Brice was, he missed out on not only going to the Auburn game... but watching it as well. Bless his heart, I know how hard that was for him! And we were in a house full of Clemson fans... so you know that tv wasn't changing channels. rude. 

I'm jk :)

Laura is using the same photographer as I am. The oh so talented Courtney Dox! She just posted a few pictures from their engagement session yesterday... how gorgeous is this?!

We were supposed to have ours last week but because of rain had to be scheduled for this Tuesday... guess what it's supposed to rain again so I had to schedule for Wednesday. PLEASE everyone pray hard for no rain!!

Friday night we had our first oysters of the season at the Annual Palmetto Society Oyster Roast. Always such a fun event!

My good friend Anna and her husband Ben went with us. Can I please show you how adorable her dog is?? OMG I am stealing him!!

Meet Harper, the cutest french bulldog ever!! I think he needs to meet my little Sophie :)

Ahhh I need a dog. Preferably one of the flat faced breed that snorts.

Busy week ahead... going to start it off with a little Desperate Housewives and Pan Am! (This show is SO good! New fav) 



  1. You look so pretty! LOVE Harper! A frenchie will be the next addition to me and Sadie Belle. Ha ha

  2. goodness, you are too pretty!
    ps I love aiken! its so pretty there!

  3. You are too stinkin cute! I can't wait to read and see more about your wedding planning. For some reason I've become obsessed with wedding stuff... although I'm sure that getting married is somewhere in my (near?) future, I've never been one of those chicks that had her wedding planned since age five haha. Have a good week!


  4. You are so pretty! I'm loving all of your dresses!

  5. You looked absolutely gorgeous for the engagement party! Harper is so cute!! My boyfriend's dad shows french bulldogs, and they are absolutely hilarious. The way they snort makes them sound like they are suffocating!!

  6. Great pics - I'm loooving Pan Am!!