Playing catch up!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Per usual, my life has been consumed with work and wedding planning. Fun - but at times stressful! We have knocked a few things off of our list. 

Reception venue
Engagement pics next Tuesday! Got rained out this week :(
Rehearsal dinner venue
Hair stylist booked
Appointment booked to go look at bridesmaid dresses (can't wait!)
Started a web site
Started designing Save the Dates
Wedding list complete

Now I'm just antsy to book a band, register, and try on dresses!

Speaking of our wedding... I heard on the news last Friday that the worlds 80th largest yacht was stuck in the Charleston harbor right in front of our reception venue. Brice and I knew we had to go check this thing out!

It was SO much larger in person. Anywho... Saturday morning my dad read in the paper that it was not stuck as most assumed, it was anchored. And that it was Will and Jada Pinkett Smith! They decided to come for a visit in Charleston... (aka America's #1 City hehe)

I mean, I wish that I was friends with them so I could go aboard and sip champagne, lounge and sunbathe. Every time I crossed the bridge I would look... and nope, not a person in sight! Maybe they were sight seeing? I heard they were seen in the market area downtown.

PS. This is one of our views... love!

We met up with Brice's parents and his mom had this beautiful bracelet for me! I am in LOVE with it and coincidentally the aqua stones match my wedding color :)

With Brice's parents - my future in-laws!
My parents came in town as well, we all had such a great time together! Sophie also came... look how cute she is, this is her favorite perch on my couch. I think she thinks she is a cat!

I think she was actually pouting here b/c she knew we were getting ready to leave and go shopping!

We shopped around on Saturday for a Rehearsal Dinner venue. This was definitely a goal we needed to accomplish! We booked High Cotton and I couldn't be happier, it has the exact look and feel I was hoping for :) Not to mention the best Shrimp and Grits I have ever put in my mouth... YUM.

With everything going on I haven't even had a chance to polish my nails. I feel like Vivian in Legally Blonde with the "bony unpolished finger"

so horrific

On a lighter note, I got my roots done... hallelujah! This is simply one of the greatest feelings in the entire world!

Unfortunately our engagement photos were cancelled on Monday due to the random tropical storm that blew through. Thankfully they are rescheduled for next week!

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas PLEASE send them my way!

I MUST share the iPhone image (sorry I really am being lazy and don't feel like uploading the one from my camera) of the yummy steak dinner Brice and I grilled on Monday night.
Yes, that would be a large piece of steak topped with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes (that I sauteed a little first with a bit of butter, oil from the st jar and lemon juice) and chopped fresh basil. HOLY MOLY. Love me some roasted asparagus and purple potatoes make me happy! 

I WILL make this again. Soon.

Leaving you with this... I don't know why but I love redneck humor and this made me laugh so hard!




  1. HAHA! Love the last pic. You got so much done, damn girl! Give yourself a pat on the back. It is so good you are doing it quick because in Dallas stuff books up like a year or more in advance. Not sure if it's the same there! But seeing as though you live in the South, I would assume so. Your hair looks fab, I have not highlighted mine in 10 months now. YIKES. That is scary. You can't really tell, but I'm ready to be brightened up. And if you think your nails are bad, you do NOT want to see mine. They are HORRID. Like embarassing beyond believe.

    K, loved all the fun stuff you shared in this post! Have a great night XOXO

  2. Haha! I needed a good laugh after today! That's a funny picture! I'm so impressed at how much you've gotten done! I'm also in love with that bracelet! Too cute! Your hair looks great! I'm getting mine done Saturday, and I agree, it's an amazing feeling to get it done!!

  3. I feel like every blog I read is about babies {mine included} so I'm just LOVING to read about the *wedding excitement.* Keep posting everything! I wish I had blogged throughout that process - SUCH an exciting time. :) Congrats!

  4. Wow you've gotten a ton done already! We're using Still Cruzin' as our band. "Party Band of the South"

  5. I SAW that yacht but had no idea who/why it was there! You're telling me I missed hanging with the Smiths??

  6. you are the cutest! I love that starfish barclet too! What a beautiful gift!

  7. Bahahaha I am literally laughing after seeing the redneck picture. That is priceless. Your pictures take me back...I lived in Charleston six years ago, for a short time! I LOVE your lace blouse in that picture of the 4 of you...so pretty.

  8. Came across your blog (somehow!) today and love it :) My husband and I both grew up in SC and both went to Winthrop for undergrad, although we live in Tampa now! Hoping to move back to the Carolinas ASAP after law school. FL is in the south, but it is NOT southern, ha. Gorgeous ceremony venue...my husband's best friend got married there and it was STUNNING. Best of luck, and congrats :)