What I'm Loving Wednesday!

First and foremost. Yes, I am posting my Wednesday post on Tuesday night. Oh well, I know I'll forget to go back and post in the AM.

Moving right along...

Do any of you remember these little beautiful shoes of coral perfection that I posted about HERE?

Well if you love these as much as I do it's your lucky lucky day! Kate found them for me HERE!

Thank you Kate!!

Other lovie loves at the moment...

This Alice + Olivia Dress... omg. obsessed!
Find this HERE

Here is some more sparkle...

find HERE

I saw this on facebook... hahaha I mean seriously, what would we do?

This cute little hair style from Kate at The Small Things! This girl has the cutest hair style tutorials! I mean, I can watch them all day long.

This little mug with mirror I found at Hallmark the other day. How cute! What a perfect little accessory for work. 

Multi-tasking at it's finest! Work, drink coffee/tea/cocoa or whatevs, AND have a convenient mirror for reapplying lipgloss? Amaze.

And last but not least... yes, here she is again.

The Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I can proudly say I'm still going at it and feel 10 times better than I did going to the gym. And I'm done in 30 minutes! I HIGHLY recommend this workout! I can see major changes already and I'm still on level one. Yes, I tried level 2 and grunted more than ever before. I had to just say no and go back to level 1! But I think I'm ready to try it again!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Ready to get on over that hump!


  1. I LOVE everything on this post! :)
    The shoes of course!
    The dresses!
    The hair :)
    The so cute mug!! :)


  2. just found your blog via pink lou lou and love everything on it! XO

  3. Ahhhhh! Those dresses! I must get that first one!

    Your hair is too cute! I am going to try that sometime. I'm wayyy into the half up/half down thing. It isn't as involved and styling your hair down and it isn't as sloppy as pulling it up in a ponytail. I just noticed that your bobby pins are dark. Did you know that they make blonde colored ones? Yep. Got mine at Target!


  4. omg. those coral shoes are faint worthy. obsessed. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a brand new Lauren Conrad Fash for Less. I hope you'll check it out. Her latest style moment is amazing. xo


  5. love your blog brooke! congrats on the engagement and happy planning! :)

  6. I love ALL of these things! MUst. Get . That second dress UGH LOVE IT!

  7. You are so welcome! :) I just love those shoes!!! xoxo

  8. Thanks for featuring my hairstyle! :) Abby J. told me about your blog! :)

  9. I love everything about this post especially that mug how cute! xo

  10. OBSESSED with that sparkly Alice & Olivia dress!