Birthdays & Babies

Happy Monday! Glad it's O-V-E-R! 

The past week/weekend consisted of my birthday festivities, and one of my BFF's baby showers!

For my birthday we had a huge group out for sushi at Bambu, I seriously have such wonderful friends!

One plus to your birthday is getting free dessert... In this case, they brought free dessert for the whole table! They dispersed these little bowls of delicious cinnamon sugar donuts and caramel all around the table.

My sweet little fiancé and me!
 I went home to Columbia for the weekend to a) celebrate with my family and b) ORDER MY WEDDING DRESS... eek! Also, bought 3 dresses for $20. More on that in another post!

I also got to see my favorite flat faced snorter...

She is coming for a visit Wednesday night... can't wait!!

Sunday Brice and I scurried back to Charleston early because I had one of my best friends baby showers! AHH Baby showers are SO much more fun than wedding showers! Everything is just so cute... and even better if it's a girl because everything is Pink and Green. 

Look at these presh little cookies my mom and I made :)

I could do this for a living - it is SO much fun!

By the way... her little girls name is going to be Lilly Kate. How precious?! I'm in love with that name and let's not forget the fact that for the rest of her life she can buy "The" Lilly clothing/accessories with her name already printed. Love!

A popular item among guests...

The beautiful Mommy to be!

All of the girls!

Wow... I REALLY need a spray tan! At least I'll fit in at the Breaking Dawn showing Friday night. That might be a bad thing.

Let's end on this photo shall we... 

HAHA I can't help it, we all loved this photo so much we had to take a picture of it. Sweet little Colleen with a random cat that looks scared... and ps. that cat isn't even hers! HAHA the best part!!



  1. The cat thing is hilarious! lol.
    and Lilly Kate is adorable! Congrats on the engagement honey!
    xoxo Inna :)
    My Bloggie!

  2. ahhhh oh my gosh. so many fabulous things in this post. first, super glad you had a wonderful bday. You looked STUNNING... as always. and second... prepare for wedding excitement screams. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So. Stinkin. Exciting. adore this post. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge. Love to hear what you think. xo


  3. Just found your blog...love it :) looks like you had a blast this weekend!

    Following :)