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Recently I was lucky enough to be a part of the David's Bridal Blog Tour. I had already chosen a wedding dress but I knew that I would have to have some cocktail/special occasion dresses for fun parties such as engagement parties, showers, bachelorette weekend etc.

I had in mind to get only one dress... but decided to head straight to the sale rack (as I usually do in ANY store) and see if they had any left over goodies. I gravitate to summery colors anyways plus my wedding and parties will be mostly taking place in the spring/summer. 

WOW. There are SO many dresses to go through... half of the store is pretty much special occasion dresses. They have a selection of everything from prom dresses to bridesmaid dresses and everything in between.

OMG I came out of there with not just one dress... THREE great and super cute dresses! I found this one that I am going to wear on my bachelorette weekend (wherever that may be!)

It's so cute and it has pockets too that you can't see right now. It also ties around in the back. Can't wait to prance around in my veil with this on! :)

I tried on this fuchsia dress as well. SO cute on but it was a little loose... and I'd rather not have to have anything altered.

Can you say Barbie? I believe so.

I found my other two dresses on the sale rack... I'd post pics but I would like SOME of my dresses to be a little surprise! One is light pink and flowy that I can wear to a shower. The other is black on the bottom, white at the top and has a fuchsia band around the waist. Sounds a little much but I promise it's cute! I may wear that one to my friend Haley's rehearsal dinner in March :)
Overall my David's Bridal "Special Occasion" experience was great. I wasn't hounded by sales reps - which is a pet peeve of mine. Just let me shop, I don't need you following me around giving me suggestions!! Sorry if that sounds rude... I just like to be on my own when I shop, take my time and not feel pressured. They had great deals (sales on top of sales). So for $150 I got 3 dresses... not such a bad deal!

 "I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of David’s Bridal and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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