Super Random Post... Catching up!

Being slack as always of course. Thanksgiving went by WAY too fast and I am already ready for my Christmas break... although I'm not ready for the holiday season to be over quite yet!

This may be a long post... going to catch up a little.

As promised... here are a few more of my favorite engagement photos. Ahhh cannot wait to have some of these printed and put into frames! {christmas presents??}

I thought Sophie would enjoy getting festive for the holidays with me... so I put her in her reindeer costume!

She was not amused.

I found this little gem whilst perusing in my moms collection of cook books...

Oh yeah... get ready for some blog posts on Barbie's recipes! I may even cook Brice this little cuisine one night... lucky him!

haha! I love the scene set up... funny thing is I had most of the Barbies featured in this book. LOVE me some Barbie. Super jealous of her wardrobe... and the amount of volume her hair has on a regular basis.

Oh, let's not forget that my GAMECOCKS beat Clemson for the 3rd year in a row! I like this new logo...

heheheh... GO COCKS!

Last night, Brice and I decorated for Christmas! I really CANNOT WAIT for us to have our own house next year and have a REAL tree that smells so good!! Brice claims this tree can be an AUBURN tree... I'm pretty sure it won't! haha Not unless it's upstairs in a game room or something. If we're so lucky to have one!

I gave Brice this little Christmas ornament :) Our first! 

Here's a little pic of the final product!

This weekend we have a Christmas party with Brice's family. The theme you ask? Tacky Christmas Sweater of course! I actually found one already in my closet from oh, probably 5th grade. I used to wear it with stirrup pants... I'm sure that looked so pretty. I found this little headband to accompany my tacky sweater! $1 at Target!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that last week I got two Christmas presents early. A new lens for my camera and a speedlight. I don't like the built in flash it makes everything too bright. So Brice and I decided to take a photo tour downtown! Some images from the day...

meanwhile... this is Brice


He's a good sport :)

I'm pretty sure I saw this lady in Target tonight.

Yes, that would be Ms. Carole King. I'm serious... I creepily followed this lady around for a good 30 minutes. I swear it was her. I even went to the cd section to get a cd and compare. She smiled at me as I passed... in case it in fact WAS her, I feel special :) Anyone know if Carole King is in Charleston or has a place here??

Ok that is all for now... going to fix some hot cocoa and then realize after watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that I should in fact eat lettuce instead.



  1. haha I am by far already ready for Christmas break! I LOVE your engagement pictures!!! :-) Have a good week!

  2. Ok, so I totally had (and LOVED) that Barbie cookbook when I was little...seriously I haven't thought about it in years, and so this post made my day :)

    PS: Love the engagement pics! xoxo

  3. Such a good looking couple! Where did you get that fur vest? I'm dying for one.



  4. so I cant believe I didnt notice this before but you were on the amazing race or your going to be? If you already were please tell me you blogged about your adventure!

  5. I love all our pictures! The engagement pics are adorable, the tree and ornament pictures are adorable and I loved the old houses as well. Good to catch up with you. :)

  6. 1. I LOVE Carole King if that was her I am SUPER jealous

    2. Barbie cook book ?!?!? AMAZING. Can't wait for you to share the recipes

  7. How cute are your engagement pictures. I have that barbie cookbook as well... just not sure where it is located at my parents house lol. xo

  8. I commented on your facebook last week when you asked about the Nokon lens so Im dying to know which one you bought & which flash you got! Im hoping for a SB-400 under my tree :)

  9. Adorable pictures!! Love charleson!

    Also, what flash did you get? I just got a canon and the flash drives me nuts! It washes everything out! Yuck!

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