Christmas Party #1!

Last night our group of friends all got together for a little Chinese Gift Exchange. If no one knows what that is allow me to explain.

You set a price limit (ours being $20) and everyone brings a gift (good gift or a joke). Everyone draws a number and this is the order you pick your gifts. For example #1 goes first... picks a gift and opens it. #2 can either take #1's gift or pick one to open. And so forth. Whoever opens the last gift has it really good... because she can pick ANYONE'S gift or get the last one.

We had so much fun - thought I'd share a few pictures from the evening!

The beautiful tree with our little gifts underneath!

Wore my new Christmas shoes! :) They're heels you just can't really see them in this picture.

Mister Holden dressed up as Santa!

Amanda & Mary, posing with the Twilight napkin...

Holden & his Mommy!

Drawing numbers!

Ha!! Heather's gifts got stolen twice... she had a lot of presents to open!

Courtney opening her gift...

Everyone! Thank goodness for self timers!


  1. Looks like a fun time! Those heels are adorable, and so is the doggy :)

  2. Such a lovely gathering. Friends are special <3
    Love~ Radha

  3. Sounds like a fun night!! I love christmas gift exchanges like that! So fun!

  4. I love your red xmas shoes. Looks like a fun party:)

  5. I love your christmas shoes! Looks like a fun night:) !!!

  6. Looks like you are having an amazing holiday season!!

  7. Christmas gift exchanges with girlfriends are so fun! I like the timer idea!