It's Tacky Christmas Sweater Time!!!

So this weekend Brice and I headed to Atlanta for his family's annual Christmas party. This year, they decided to go with a theme. Of course, that would be


Oh yeah... it was quite the event. There was some serious tackyness going on! Let's recap shall we...

Please check out this pose... as well as that sweater! Holy mock turtle. Oh, and Santa's beard had it's own texture of fluffiness. It's amazing!

Brice and me with Santa & Mrs. Clause! (I really hope someone prefaced Santa that this was a tacky sweater party... otherwise he probably thought we were just a bunch of nuts!)

Allison & Brice... ok, is Allison not Deb from Napoleon Dynamite?! haha!! Oh, and that turtle neck is too stylish for words. We call this pose their "Walmart ad".

The Sprayberry clan! Yes - this will be my immediate family in July... ALL of them! Going frrom my little family of 3 to 14! Love them all!

Erry-one... ok this is the Glenn family & the Sprayberry family.

My future nephew... I'm so in love with you Sammie!! (Shea, I stole this from your facebook...  hope you don't mind! :) ) He is 1.5 pounds!

We did a Chinese Gift Exchange... look at this amazing gift I got! I had to take a picture as soon as I got home and hung it up. Allison's boyfriend, Shannon, painted this picture.

How precious is this?! Can we please talk about this boys talent. He is also in an amazing band, Echoing Angels. Go HERE to their web site. Go HERE to purchase their cd from Amazon! It's SO GOOD!! I promise, you will love.

Oh, and THIS HAPPENED by the end of the night.

Well, my girl Carrie is about to be on the ACA awards. Gotta run! Toots!

PS. Why does Carrie not have a Twitter? I guess she doesn't like to get sucked into the other social media that the rest of us do... and she would probably get annoyed with me mentioning her in my tweets. All the time.


  1. Oh my gosh, can I please have this puppy?! He is too cute and adorable.

  2. Super Excited About Going To My First Tacky Christmas Sweater Party This Weekend & I can't wait to blog about it on Sunday. Your pictures were great, and yes you people make tack sweater look good... And I have a dog that looks just likes yours, his name is Teddy and he is a Morkie (Maltese & Yorkie)... I'm new to the world of blog. I love your site.

  3. Love the tacky sweaters! And how beautiful was Carrie tonight?! Girl can do no wrong!

  4. Having a big family is the best!!! My mother has four brothers and three sisters (8 total) so when just my immediate family gets together there are 37 - yes 37 that is not a typo - three generations :) Big families are a built in support system! Love them for all they are worth because I sure do love mine (most of the time!) Haha!

  5. hey gorgeous! just found your blog and LOVE IT. The blog name is adorable and epic Xmas sweaters, ha ha! Hope to talk soon :) XO