What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Is it Friday yet? I'm so looking forward to the fact that I have absolutely NOTHING on my calendar for this weekend. Well, except for RELAXING! Cannot wait!

So onto What I'm Loving this Wednesday, December 7th.

I'm loving the fact that I have THREE Christmas parties next week! Super pumped about that. My friends and I are having a Secret Santa gift exchange and dinner on Wednesday, I have Brice's Palmetto Society party on Thursday, and Saturday my friend Kira & her roomies are throwing a big Christmas cocktail shindig - in which I get to wear sparkle, my favorite!

This is what I'm thinking about wearing...

I wore this in 10th grade for a high school pagent... except we attached a big peacock tail to it for a mardi gras theme. This was not "the" pageant dress. But look how festive it is for Christmas! Now I just have to figure out my jewelry.

Here is the back... I love how it is open.

I did think about wearing this little gold number from New Years a couple of years ago, but thought I'd go with something a little different. Unless of course I change my mind last minute!

What can I say, I love to sparkle!

I am loving my sparkly nails right now. Hard to tell in the pic but they are shining all over the place. This is OPI in "Dear Santa"

Yeah, you really can't see the sparkle in this pic... :( oh well.

Another addition to all of this Christmas festiveness would be these cute little heels my mom bought me! I'm going to have to put an outfit together around these puppies for one of the parties.

I'm also loving this sideways cross necklace I won on a giveway hosted by Sweet Southern Prep!

This necklace is by Gems in Vogue. Check out their etsy page HERE! And here is another pic with Kelly Ripa sporting the sideways cross necklace. You can see it better here.

I'd also like to say I'm loving the progress on Hwy 17 in Mt. P. Ok, so we have a long way to go...but yesterday morning I noticed this bridge that just popped up over night...

I'm pretty sure everyone that lives or works in Mt. P is so OVER this construction! And anyone that doesn't live or work here just completely avoids the area. I don't blame you. I am so tired of looking at orange cones. But... better get used to it it's going to be 2013 before it's over! yuck. I'm hoping it will all be well worth it.

Lastly, who watched the ACA awards Monday night?? Ok, I think it was Monday. My days are all screwed up. Anyways... how cute was Carrie? I mean, this comes as no shock to me.

She was like a little pink cupcake. And I never would have been able to pull off those shoes with that dress - but she can because she is Carrie! Love her and I'm still working on legs like that... how does she do it?! I know her workout moves and I do a lot of the same ones with Jillian. Maybe it's just not in my genes. Or maybe it's because I sit at a desk all day instead of running around on tours and working with personal trainers. IDK.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! It's hump day! Woo!


  1. Love both the sparkle numbers! And Carrie, adorbs. I hate her.

    haha you know I kid ;)


  2. I love that gold dress! It is stunning on you!
    & I agree I would stay away from the kind of shoes carrie was wearing bc I feel like it would make my legs look fat, but that girl can pull off anything!

  3. I am loving the teal dress!!! Do you have this month's copy of InStyle?? They did a two page spread on this color and what pairs well with it! Go with the teal :)

  4. I love the teal dress AND the gold dress! Decisions, decisions! You'll look gorgeous whichever one you pick! :)

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  5. Love the gold dress girl! I rocked a gold one last year and loved it. I would totally buy the gold one from you:) where is it from?

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