What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Been a little on the MIA side this week but that's only because I did absolutely NOTHING this weekend - and loved every minute of it. So, not too much to post about. However in the upcoming days I've got lots of fun activities.

On to What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

One of my bridesmaids, Ashley, sent me this picture of a clip on flower for my shoes. This would obviously be my "something blue". I MUST HAVE THIS!!!!

It's just SO cute and so me... you can find them on Etsy HERE

It's pretty clear that Michael Kors is my favorite designer... I have 4 purses, a watch and I can go up to any shoe display or clothes display saying "OOHHH I NEED THIS" without even having the slightest clue it's Michael Kors until I look at the tag. I don't even look at other designers bags - Michael is the only designer for me :) I believe this is going to be the next purse on my list - simple and classic, the medium Grayson Logo Satchel.

Cookies & Milk in a champagne flute... it just makes it more fun!

Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate - YUM! Go buy this now if you like/love Chocolate!! This puts Nestle and Swiss Miss to SHAME.

Please excuse my ugly cuticle. Nails are so dry and gross in the winter. Need manicure asap.

CARRIE. Duh, I want her hair and makeup... and legs... and dress... and earrings...
Stop being so perfect Carrie!!! jk I love you!

Ok and last but not least remember this little dress??

Ok well I need y'alls help. If I'm going to wear this Saturday I have GOT to figure out the following:

*What type of earrings to wear?
*Shoes? I have gold strappy shoes??

This is so frustrating... the turquoise is throwing me off. My gold sequin dress is much easier to accessorize!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Do you think the MK bags are good quality? I had purchased one years ago and it didn't last :( but maybe they've gotten better? I neeeeeed a sparkly dress for this weekend too, shoot! And I think you should wear gold with that dress.

  2. Oh my word that MK bag is fabulous. I definitely love MK but havent been able to find any fab bags lately. xo

  3. I can make those roses...problem solved! :)

  4. Speaking of weddings and milk in champagne flutes...my bestie did a champagne toast for speeches and a set of flutes for milk with cake cutting. Perf pairing.

  5. hair needs to be big of course! With a dress that colorful, I would keep the eye makeup pretty calm though =]
    & I know, Carrie is so gorg!

  6. I am obsessed with everything from Trader Joes. I need to try that. And I love the dress. I would go with gold.