2012 Wedding Season has begun!

Thaaaat's right! 2012 wedding season has officially started and it may just be busier than 2011... eek.

Did NOT think that could happen?! This weekend we kicked things off with Haley & Thomas' engagement party! So fun... I love getting dressed up and everyone getting together!

Things started off pretty normal...

 Brice and me
Bridesmaids minus a few!

And then it got weird...

 WHAT IS THIS FACE?! I was seriously stankin' it up!

Annnnd that's all I got for now. Sorry to be so short... Bachelor starts in 20 mins and I need to get my glass of wine and nail polish - mani/pedi night!

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!! Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow night!!



What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well, first of all... saw this on my Facebook news feed today.

I couldn't get the video to embed correctly...

EEEEK! So Excited! First Kellie and now Carrie. 2012 is going to be great!

Miss Lilly Kate was born!!

Proud Aunt :)

She is just adorable... I'm so in love!

The Urban Decay Naked 2 is now available at Ulta!! I NEED THIS. It's totally worth the $50. I'm still using my Naked Palette that I bought back in July. It lasts FOREVER!
How stinkin cute is this watch?? 

Find it HERE

Umm what??! I need this too! immediately.

I've seen this all over Pinterest... and I just love everything about it. The dress, the necklace and the hair!

Essie "Punchy Pink"

LOVE Kristen Cavallari's hair here... might try for an engagement party this weekend.

I just love how glowy she always is

Ok now I'm so ready for summer it's ridiculous!



Some good and bad changes have been going on as of late... let's begin with the good.

First of all... I got some legit hair extensions. This was a serious process... I annoyed my friend Ashley to death while making them. I had to dye the low lights. I made this so much harder than it really was... I should have taken a photo of the ridiculousness. My kitchen looked like a murder scene with little pieces of hair laying all over it. But... here is the final product

Ta Da! 

This was put together in a hurry... and pre-highlights. 

One of my besties Colleen is having a baby... um, like right now as we speak. But backing up a few days... we decided last week we would have a girls night. Mexican, games, music and drinky drinks! And we would dance and get that baby out of her! (She was scheduled to be induced this Thursday if she hadn't had her by then) Well well... this morning I got a text she was headed to the hospital! yippee! I've been on the edge of my seat all day. Still waiting for that sweet little girl to come out and say hello!

Kiki taught us the Cowboy Cheerleader Kick! woo! 

Trying out the ole baby back pack!

No explanation.

Meanwhile... we've had a group text going on all day with updates. This one made my night... espscially Meghan's response. Apparently we had a little foreign guest in our group text! Question is... why did he wait ALL DAY to say something?!


Anyways. On to the sad changes...

Two sweet little puppies passed away over the weekend. My friend Mary's pup Gracie...

 What a little princess :)

Brice's sister Allison's doggie Mia...

Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers... it's just like losing a child. I fear the day something happens to my sweet little Sophie! :( I will be a train wreck.

Let's end on a happy little thought!

Kellie Pickler's album comes out tomorrow!! I've already pre ordered it on iTunes so I'll have it on the way to work in the AM. 

So So So excited :)

Going to finish watching The Bachelor... if I hear Courtney say "winning" one more time I'm going to scream. 



A few random blurps...


Been a little slack lately... but I've just been busy! This is going to be a SUPER RANDOM post. As if they all aren't super random.

What's going on in my life? Oh, just the usual...

Got a new nail polish that I love and don't care that it isn't spring yet, I'm wearing it anyways.

Essie "Fiji"

Brice bought me this amazing wine stopper. It does quite a few things...
a) comes in cute colors
b) preserves your wine
c) isn't as tall as most wine stoppers so you can stand it up in your fridge
d) if you still can't stand it up, it's sealed so good you can lay it on the side without worrying about it spilling.

Where is it from you ask? World Market.

After talking with some friends this weekend I've decided to begin drinking my coffee out of a straw to prevent my teeth from getting stained. Trick is you have to make sure your teeth stay around the straw so that the coffee goes right past them!

 One great thing about Tervis tumblers... they have a little spot for a straw to fit in the top. :) I love you Tervis

Has anyone tried the Redken product line "Intra Force"? It's supposed to help thicken your hair in 30 days... I'm just about out of my Redken Body Full, so I might need to try this... for anyone who has tried it, does it work??

Save the Dates are going out this week and like most people we have listed our wedding web site at the bottom so guests can view our registry, see hotel information etc. On the radio this morning they were talking about people who have these sites and how gramatically incorrect they are. Oh no... I mean, I type the way I talk so this isn't good. Oh well, our families and friends know us and if they love us, they won't judge us! :)

On another fun little note... my friend and old roomie Chelsea is on the upcoming season of Survivor! Can't wait to watch her dominate some people! Everyone tune in February 15!

Here is the video!

Well, that is all for today! Happy Hump Day!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I know it's only January but with these last few days feeling like spring I have got a serious case of SPRING FEVER.

And once it's here... it doesn't go away. Now, that spring is on my mind... what else is on my mind? The beach... HONEYMOON in particular. So ready to get some bright cute dresses and swim suites!

This has to be one of the most adorable swim suites of all time! Ahh LOVE.

You can get them here on Etsy

Lilly, of course. {Cassie Dress}

This looks so comfy. Lilly, again. Giuliana Dress

How cute would you feel in the little number above holding one of these cute cocktails? I must have these at some point since Tiffany Blue is my wedding color!

lemonade, peach schnapps & blue curacao

The Essie Spring 2012 collection. LOVE! So summery and fun!

This is just the most precious dress. Love how the back dips down low!

Ok... Sophie and I HAVE to get a picture like this. Maybe not on my wedding day... maybe she can come along to my portrait sessions!! :) I would have this blown up huge and framed somewhere... love my little Soph!

And last but not least... love this saying. Makes me smile, I love my state :)

Happy Wednesday... almost over that hump!


Have to vent...

For a few weeks now I thought Kellie Pickler's new album, 100 Proof, was coming out next Tuesday, January 17. Why did I think this you ask? I have no idea! But I've been SO excited about it! Needless to say my heart just dropped when I realized it would be released on Tuesday, January 24..... a whole week later. 

Seems a little stupid to complain about - BUT - it's the little things I look forward to!

Also, one week from today I shall be getting ma roots done (finally... I feel like people are starting to judge)

After I shall be viewing the much anticipated Joyful Noise

Love me some Dolly... 
"The higher the hair the closer to God" -Dolly Parton

She's so right.

Also, side note... I've noticed on both Toddlers & Tiaras and Dance Moms there are girls named BROOKE.

Did I miss my calling??

Wow this post just got really random! Okie dokie... goodnight!


Charleston Naturally

Even if you don't live in Charleston this shouldn't stop you from checking out Charleston Naturally. I'm a huge fan of anything that is Eco-Friendly and Organic when it comes to anything from food to my skincare. It's just a simple reason really, it's better for you! 

Charleston Naturally carries everything from makeup to gifts and pet toys. I know you girls are mostly interested in the makeup and skincare :) Charleston Naturally carries some of the best eco-friendly skincare lines such as Dr. Hauschkasukiilike, and Pevonia.

Here's some of the products I'm most interested in.

I'm a big fan of anything that is gentle and moisturizing. I can't stand that tight feeling after washing my face.
I NEED this!! Starting to see those little lines in the corners of my eyes. Is this what happens when you get close to 30?? Make it stop!

This will be PERFECT for going to the beach.

How cute is this Aroo Studio Pixie Dog Leash?!
This set of makeup bags are adorable

Might have to switch over from my Too Faced primer to this one...

It has Vitamins A,C,E as well as green tea extract. Sounds amazing to me!
Really need this too... especially during my "pale season"
Just add this to your moisturizer and it helps minimize the appearance of blemishes and skin irregularities while giving you a soft glow. Note to self: buy this.
So... now that you too are wanting to go out and try these amazing products let me give you this little code to type in at checkout to receive 30% OFF! Yippee!

Just enter the code CN30 at checkout to receive 30% OFF!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am loving a new found web site, Shabby Apple.

They have such cute clothes! They have everything from dresses, to swim suites, accessories, fitness clothing, children and even a maternity line.

Shabby Apple has some of the most adorable vintage inspired pieces. If you're like me, you watch old movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's (personal fav!) and wish you had Holly Golightly's wardrobe. Now you can!! yippee! Or at least you can have something comparable.

Some of my favs...

 {Joyride} dress... found HERE

{Tres Jolie} found HERE

 {Happy Talk} Pretty sure I would feel like a happy little ray of sunshine in this dress! LOVE! Find it HERE

{Beverly Hills} found HERE

I absolutely LOVE these two for summer! (Come on and hurry up SUMMER!)

{Lost at Sea Skirt} found HERE also, currently on sale!

{Ahoy!} found HERE absolutely love this color... my wedding color!

Can we talk about how precious this nail polish is??

Absolutely in love with these earrings

Pretty sure I need this cute bow necklace as well!

Oh wait I almost forgot... one day my daughter will need this

{Hibiscus} found HERE

Oh and this... omg so cute I can't stand it!
{Caribbean Blue} found HERE

Do they not have the cutest clothes?! Ahh LOVE. Be on the lookout for future promotions and giveaways from Shabby Apple!

Happy Wednesday!