A few random blurps...


Been a little slack lately... but I've just been busy! This is going to be a SUPER RANDOM post. As if they all aren't super random.

What's going on in my life? Oh, just the usual...

Got a new nail polish that I love and don't care that it isn't spring yet, I'm wearing it anyways.

Essie "Fiji"

Brice bought me this amazing wine stopper. It does quite a few things...
a) comes in cute colors
b) preserves your wine
c) isn't as tall as most wine stoppers so you can stand it up in your fridge
d) if you still can't stand it up, it's sealed so good you can lay it on the side without worrying about it spilling.

Where is it from you ask? World Market.

After talking with some friends this weekend I've decided to begin drinking my coffee out of a straw to prevent my teeth from getting stained. Trick is you have to make sure your teeth stay around the straw so that the coffee goes right past them!

 One great thing about Tervis tumblers... they have a little spot for a straw to fit in the top. :) I love you Tervis

Has anyone tried the Redken product line "Intra Force"? It's supposed to help thicken your hair in 30 days... I'm just about out of my Redken Body Full, so I might need to try this... for anyone who has tried it, does it work??

Save the Dates are going out this week and like most people we have listed our wedding web site at the bottom so guests can view our registry, see hotel information etc. On the radio this morning they were talking about people who have these sites and how gramatically incorrect they are. Oh no... I mean, I type the way I talk so this isn't good. Oh well, our families and friends know us and if they love us, they won't judge us! :)

On another fun little note... my friend and old roomie Chelsea is on the upcoming season of Survivor! Can't wait to watch her dominate some people! Everyone tune in February 15!

Here is the video!

Well, that is all for today! Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hey girl, Brooke here : )

    I love the nail polish. So much.

    And I love the straw and wine idea. Someone told me a long time ago not to drink through a straw because of premature wrinkles. Only thing. Bummer.

  2. Love Figi!! Looks so good on toes during the summer!

  3. I almost bought the same nail polish earlier today, but decided on a different color. Think I need to go back and the Fiji also now.

  4. Love Essie polish! Its the best!

    I've been trying the coffee through a straw trick lately - at least until our wedding. I love that I'm keeping my teeth pearly white but hate that I always burn my tongue!

  5. Hey Brooke!
    I have tried the Redken Intra force. It does thicken your hair but if you use it too much it can make it feel like there is a layer of wax on the top of you hair. I talked to my hair dresser about this and she told me to use the shampoo like a regular shampoo and use the conditioner only on the roots. I also use red ken color treatment conditioner on my ends...just so my hair has some conditioner in it.
    I used all the shampoo and I thought while i was using it it also helped my hair grow slightly faster....This is good for us Brides-to-be! ha:)

    Hope this helps! :)

  6. It's supposed to help thicken your hair in 30 days...