Have to vent...

For a few weeks now I thought Kellie Pickler's new album, 100 Proof, was coming out next Tuesday, January 17. Why did I think this you ask? I have no idea! But I've been SO excited about it! Needless to say my heart just dropped when I realized it would be released on Tuesday, January 24..... a whole week later. 

Seems a little stupid to complain about - BUT - it's the little things I look forward to!

Also, one week from today I shall be getting ma roots done (finally... I feel like people are starting to judge)

After I shall be viewing the much anticipated Joyful Noise

Love me some Dolly... 
"The higher the hair the closer to God" -Dolly Parton

She's so right.

Also, side note... I've noticed on both Toddlers & Tiaras and Dance Moms there are girls named BROOKE.

Did I miss my calling??

Wow this post just got really random! Okie dokie... goodnight!


  1. LOVE Kellie Pickler! & I feel the same way. I am really excited about her new CD. I'm ready to listen to NEW music ! Love your blog & glad I followed you !

    XO. A Southern Bee Diary


  2. That picture is cracking me up! I <3 it. Hope your having a great day! xo

  3. haha i love toddlers and tiaras! so addictive