Bachelorette Weekend in VA!

This weekend we ventured to Virginia for Haley's bachelorette party! 

I consistently joked that Jenny and I would get lost on the 6 hour drive up... oh, shouldn't have joked because we totally did. We somehow found ourselves in the middle of a gravel road in the woods with no cell service... I swear I was in The Blair Witch Project. Scary. Scary. Scary. I backed out of there pretty quickly!

This is what it looked like... I am not lying... except it was about 9:30 at night and pitch black dark.

Why we even attempted to drive down this I have no idea... let's also not forget the super creepy house it was next door to. NEVER AGAIN.

When we arrived we were greeted with these hot little numbers to wear for the weekend...

I like our feet :)

We spent Friday night giving Haley a lingerie shower, catching up and drinking wine... can't post those pics just in case Thomas, Haley's fiancé, sees my blog!

Saturday we went to Chateau Morrisette for a little wine tour and tasting.

Kira & I were super amused by this apron

Zero to naked in 1.5 bottles hahaha

Some photos from the winery...

We headed up the mountain to The Lodge at Primland
to make dinner reservations. Meanwhile, we ran into Abe Lincoln

What?! I don't know... he was just hanging out celebrating President's Day! I'd also like to mention... that the bell boy even knew about us getting lost Friday night. Were we really the talk of the town?! WOW.

This place is absolutely gorgeous!

We woke up at 7 am to THIS

It was pouring snow... we high tailed it outta them hills back to the beach! I don't do cold weather at all!

It was a great weekend, cannot wait to celebrate Haley & Thomas' nuptials in a month!!


Survivor premier & house hunting

As many of you  may already know my friend Chelsea is on this season of Survivor. We had her little premier party at Midtown on Wednesday night. It was so fun seeing friends I haven't seen in a while. We all used to live in Columbia but have since spread out all over the state.

Chels had a cardboard cut out of Jeff Probst for everyone to sign as her "guest book"... we had a fun little photo sesh... ok these were taken w/ my phone btw... sorry for the fuzziness.

Ok, Kira is pointing to her signature btw... not Jeff's crotch.

Brice said "I'm not so sure I like this one!" hahah

I was so proud of Chels... she caught 2 chickens! Boys caught ZERO. hahaha

On another note, we've been house hunting and it's been so frustrating. As soon as we get really excited about a house and have an appointment to go look at it with the realtor... BAM someone gets a contract on it. ughhhh!!! And it's not like it's easy to find a house in our price range here in Mt. Pleasant... everything is so dang expensive!

That is my rant. On a lighter note... bought this precious little headband from none other than Target yesterday. $1... yes, it's for a 5 year old but I have a pea head so it works!

Not so sure why the top of my head looks as if it's thinning... can't get any thinner!

Heading up to the mountains of Virginia this weekend for my friend Haley's bachelorette party! Can't wait to have some girl time and wine :)

Brice is in Nashville for his bachelor party... I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda jealous. If he sees Carrie I told him to please tell her hello for me.

And then I'll get mad b/c he got to see Carrie & I didn't!!

Have a great weekend!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! Brice and I don't really do V-Day gifts, just enjoy each other's company and go to dinner. He wouldn't let me split dinner with him so I got him a little gift I thought he would enjoy!

An Auburn Bourbon decanter... for gamedays of course!

He loved it!! I'm so happy :)

We also found a house that was just listed yesterday that we are both in LOVE with. It's right in our price range, great neighborhood, location, and has every ammenity we wanted in a house. We are going to see it tomorrow - please say LOTS of prayers for us that someone doesn't put an offer on it before we are able to. I WANT THIS HOUSE!!!

Brice's sister Allison and her boyfriend Shannon got engaged last night!! CONGRATS ALLI & SHANNON!

Also, Don't forget to watch my friend Chelsea on Survivor tonight at 8pm EST on CBS! You can just TiVo American Idol. And if you are in Charleston... her party is at Midtown :)


Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all... I hate negativity towards Valentine's Day. It's not just a mushy day for couples, it's a day to tell EVERYONE in your life you love them and how much they mean to you! One year I went out and celebrated Valentine's with my other single friends and we had a blast! I made them red velvet cup cakes and bought them little gifts! So no negativity people!!

That is my rant. On to one of my favorite Valentine's Day posts...




Grammy post turned into RANDOM post!

Hiii! Sorry it's been a while, haven't had much to post about! My life has consisted of wedding planning and house hunting which are both extremely stressful. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in a house and have all wedding planning done!

First of all... moment of silence for Ms. Whitney Houston. Cannot believe she is gone, my first cassette tape! "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" will always and forever remind me of my childhood. First Michael (other childhood fav) and now Whitney... 

If something happens to Cindy & Debbie I may lose it!

DON'T GO!!!!

I seriously wanted to be both of them.

This calls for a video...

You're welcome.

PS. Debbie will be on DWTS!!! YIPPEE!! You know who I'm rootin for.

Speaking of idols... how amaze did Carrie look last night?! I MUST have that dress... do you think I could get away with wearing this to my rehearsal dinner??? I'd at least like to try!

And how about this little Barbie number?? LOVED it. She seriously reminded me of that old Barbie with the tight black mermaid cut dress.

Anything look familiar here? Carrie's stylist was obviously looking at my blog last week.

I'm talking about the hair style... her's is much longer, prettier, shinier, just BETTER. 
Oh well. I try.

Well, Bachelor is on... guess I'll go throw up everytime Courtney speaks. Oh well, Ben's kinda a dork anyways! I'm counting down to the Bachelorette! LOVE Emily!!

She is just such a sweet, good person... and not to mention a walking Barbie doll!

Ok... I'm done. Goodnight!