Grammy post turned into RANDOM post!

Hiii! Sorry it's been a while, haven't had much to post about! My life has consisted of wedding planning and house hunting which are both extremely stressful. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in a house and have all wedding planning done!

First of all... moment of silence for Ms. Whitney Houston. Cannot believe she is gone, my first cassette tape! "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" will always and forever remind me of my childhood. First Michael (other childhood fav) and now Whitney... 

If something happens to Cindy & Debbie I may lose it!

DON'T GO!!!!

I seriously wanted to be both of them.

This calls for a video...

You're welcome.

PS. Debbie will be on DWTS!!! YIPPEE!! You know who I'm rootin for.

Speaking of idols... how amaze did Carrie look last night?! I MUST have that dress... do you think I could get away with wearing this to my rehearsal dinner??? I'd at least like to try!

And how about this little Barbie number?? LOVED it. She seriously reminded me of that old Barbie with the tight black mermaid cut dress.

Anything look familiar here? Carrie's stylist was obviously looking at my blog last week.

I'm talking about the hair style... her's is much longer, prettier, shinier, just BETTER. 
Oh well. I try.

Well, Bachelor is on... guess I'll go throw up everytime Courtney speaks. Oh well, Ben's kinda a dork anyways! I'm counting down to the Bachelorette! LOVE Emily!!

She is just such a sweet, good person... and not to mention a walking Barbie doll!

Ok... I'm done. Goodnight!


  1. I cant' stand to watch this seasons bachelor...Ben creeps me out. But I looooove Emily and can't wait for her season to start!

  2. I LOVE that second dress Carrie wore. So so pretty! Hope wedding planning is going well!

  3. The 3rd dress looks amazing, its beautiful. Good luck with your wedding plan.

    Christina @ Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Suits

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