Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all... I hate negativity towards Valentine's Day. It's not just a mushy day for couples, it's a day to tell EVERYONE in your life you love them and how much they mean to you! One year I went out and celebrated Valentine's with my other single friends and we had a blast! I made them red velvet cup cakes and bought them little gifts! So no negativity people!!

That is my rant. On to one of my favorite Valentine's Day posts...




  1. hahahahaha....Peggy is a whore. Love it! Happy Valentine's Day, ma'am!

  2. I don't like V-Day negativity either! I think it just gives mean people a chance to be whiner-complainers! Ha! Those cupcakes look so good! I just made a batch last night for V-day!

  3. Ha ha...love that V-day post.

    And I completely agree with you...in fact, sometimes I think I had more fun on Valentine's Day when I was single. All of us single girls would go out and celebrate being young, fun and single. :)

  4. Yay! Another girl who has no problem celebrating V-day with your single girls <3 Ladies, I'm new to blogging! Please follow me :)

  5. I'm single at the moment, but I've always found Valentine's Day to be a joyful day. How can it be anything else when you have the opportunity to tell one and all that you love them. Plus, there's all that pink and hearts, too! xo

  6. And as far as I can tell yet, there are already a lot of amazing ideas autumn in my drawer ... Rejoice it, it is gorgeous!