Survivor premier & house hunting

As many of you  may already know my friend Chelsea is on this season of Survivor. We had her little premier party at Midtown on Wednesday night. It was so fun seeing friends I haven't seen in a while. We all used to live in Columbia but have since spread out all over the state.

Chels had a cardboard cut out of Jeff Probst for everyone to sign as her "guest book"... we had a fun little photo sesh... ok these were taken w/ my phone btw... sorry for the fuzziness.

Ok, Kira is pointing to her signature btw... not Jeff's crotch.

Brice said "I'm not so sure I like this one!" hahah

I was so proud of Chels... she caught 2 chickens! Boys caught ZERO. hahaha

On another note, we've been house hunting and it's been so frustrating. As soon as we get really excited about a house and have an appointment to go look at it with the realtor... BAM someone gets a contract on it. ughhhh!!! And it's not like it's easy to find a house in our price range here in Mt. Pleasant... everything is so dang expensive!

That is my rant. On a lighter note... bought this precious little headband from none other than Target yesterday. $1... yes, it's for a 5 year old but I have a pea head so it works!

Not so sure why the top of my head looks as if it's thinning... can't get any thinner!

Heading up to the mountains of Virginia this weekend for my friend Haley's bachelorette party! Can't wait to have some girl time and wine :)

Brice is in Nashville for his bachelor party... I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda jealous. If he sees Carrie I told him to please tell her hello for me.

And then I'll get mad b/c he got to see Carrie & I didn't!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. SO fun! That cut out is really funny! Looks like y'all had fun! And your is not thinning by any means- no worries girl!

  2. Ha, I love the cardboard cutout!

    Have fun in Virginia!

  3. I know what you mean about the house hunting, it is frustrating! And I totally know what you mean about the budget, ATL is just as expensive. Boo! You will find the perfect house though, and it'll all be worth it!!

  4. Hey! I know the feeling about shopping for houses in Mt. P - we had the same experience. We really lucked out with our house and LOVE it...great location...our realtor was THE BEST. Not sure if you have one already, but email me and I can pass her info along...there's also three houses for sale in our neighborhood. I love our location.

  5. so fun! I love the Charleston area- my aunt and uncle live there and my cousin is now planning her wedding there. Good Luck finding a home- we had the same issue looking for our home.