My crazy busy life

I didn't look but I honestly couldn't tell you what the last blog I wrote was. My life has been one word, BUSY!

I don't even think I turned ON my computer last week. Because I have been doing THIS:

That's right, PACKING. My most hated activity!

I'm moving this weekend... and who knew I had enough stuff in my 1 bedroom apartment to fill an entire house?! I'm pretty excited though b/c I will be able to WALK (not drive, walk) to my fav restaurant, Basil! It's the best best best Thai restaurant. This could be dangerous!

I don't even remember if I mentioned it or not, but Brice and I decided to just rent for a year and not worry about house hunting until after the wedding. Takes a humongous amount of stress off of my shoulders! Now I can focus on the fun stuff!! (and decorating our new place!)

Last weekend, I was in one of my best friends weddings, Haley! Haley introduced Brice and I AND she was my first friend at Columbia College!

Some photos from the weekend...

Rehearsal dinner

goodies at the hair salon!

mimosa bar!

I brought in this pic (Carrie, who else?!)

This was the product, it's pretty clear my hair just isn't as thick and perfect as Carrie's!

Haley's hair,

Haley was the 5th (I think? Maybe 6 or 7th?) person to wear this dress! She was the first one to alter it and make it her own. She looked beautiful!!

Mr. & Mrs. Webster!

Crazy to think I will be doing this in less than 4 months!! Ahh!

Speaking of, got this in the mail last week... Bachelorette Party invitation!!


Ok, think that is all for now... back to American Idol!


Happy Birthday Brice! And other festivities :)

Today is Brice's 29th Birthday! Last year in his twenties!

Look how cute he was!

I love that he still has the same hair cut hahah I mean, he looks the same too!

Brice - I hope you have the best birthday yet! Love you tons and tons!

Also this weekend... the marriage of these two love birds :)

Can't wait!!

Also last night, one of my bests, Colleen got engaged!! Pics to come soon, but check out her bling!

So so so happy for Colleen & Eric! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


My First Shower!

No no... not "SHOWER"... wedding shower! :)

I realized how that title sounded once I typed it... that would be gross.

This past weekend we had my first wedding shower at Brice's parents house in Georgia. I was a little nervous at first because I hate attention being on myself, I get shy. Especially since I didn't know everyone yet. And some I had only met once! Brice's family is HUGE. By huge I mean, Thanksgiving is over 100 people... I mean really.

Look at how precious this cake is!

Brice hung out for a bit before dipping out to go hang with the boys!

With my mom and grandma

With my future mother in law and 3 sisters!!

Please look at this quilt that Brice's Aunt Pam MADE for us! Amazing! Can't wait to snuggle up in it!

Cross stitch my grandma made for us! It says "Marriage is like a small garden. It takes a lot of love and a little work each day" I love it!

Love this "Our Story" magnetic board Shea got us. Such a cute idea! You put these little magnets on it and you can also put pictures on it as well. There are all sorts of themes, google "embellish your story" and you will see what I mean!

One of my first monogrammed items with an "S" :) Towels!

Ok last but not least... Adda & her one ear! hahaha Allison's dog lifts one ear up and I think it's hysterical!

On another note... who saw Carrie's World Premiere of her music video "Good Girl" on Entertainment Tonight last night?? This girl did... and I'm obsessed. Carrie is just so perfect!

Ok I can't seem to get anything to embed and it is SO frustrating... go HERE to view her new video!

This is one of the busiest weeks of my life... I lie, the rest of the month is extremely busy! So I apologize if I only do one blog a week... trying to squeeze them in when I can!


Summer.... where are youu??

I don't know about y'all but I am seriously ready for some steady warm and sunny weather. Oh, and along with that a TAN. Wow, I am so white right now! Even with a little self tanner help I'm still gross. It's just not the same as a glowing bronze tan that is REAL.

Pinterest doesn't help either... all of these tiny, tan, girls in their super cute little summery clothes - ughhhhhh.

I forgot about What I'm Loving Wednesday, but what the heck, we'll be a day late!

Coral & Navy... love this color combo, actually thought about it for my wedding.
Love these Lilly tunics... or any bright tunics with white shorts for that matter. Ahhhh white shorts I cannot wait to wear you!

There's those white shorts again... love w/ the gold.

Seriously, must have romper.

Yellow & Aqua makes me happy! Yellow makes me feel like a little ray of sunshine :)

I like to imagine myself wearing one of these little items,

whilst drinking one of these

Had something a little similar this past weekend... Mt. Pleasant people, Rio Grande in Belle Hall may just be my fav mexican restaurant because of this puppy

The Margarona. amaze.

Brice booked our honeymoon last night... SO EXCITED. I cannot even stand it. I just keep going back to the web site and looking at pictures and picturing myself at such places as the swim up bar drinking a fruity bev, or eating my weight in sushi... ahhh the life!

I've already started my "honeymoon" Pinterest board. A few items of interest...

clearly I love the maxi.

Love this little cover up!

Another update... we've decided to rent a place for a year and save $$ instead of buying a home right away. I was definitely a little upset but I think we will be happy we made that decision in the long run. It also takes a little stress off for the wedding.

Wedding shower numero uno this weekend! Pics to come next week! :)


Wedding festivities have begun!

This weekend we had our first engagement party! The festitivies took place at Upstairs at Midtown. Just a few pics...

 Bride & Groom!

 Brice with our wonderful hosts!

 Whole gang! So happy everyone traveled in town and out of town in the awful weather to celebrate with us. We have such great friends!

 Bridesmaids minus 2 and 3 honorarys!

Courtney, Lauren, Amanda & Matt

Awesome picture everyone signed for us! Can't wait to hang this up in our house!

I have my first shower next weekend... kinda nervous! I don't like opening gifts in front of people I get so shy. Hopefully everything will go well! :) Just gotta figure out what to wear...