My crazy busy life

I didn't look but I honestly couldn't tell you what the last blog I wrote was. My life has been one word, BUSY!

I don't even think I turned ON my computer last week. Because I have been doing THIS:

That's right, PACKING. My most hated activity!

I'm moving this weekend... and who knew I had enough stuff in my 1 bedroom apartment to fill an entire house?! I'm pretty excited though b/c I will be able to WALK (not drive, walk) to my fav restaurant, Basil! It's the best best best Thai restaurant. This could be dangerous!

I don't even remember if I mentioned it or not, but Brice and I decided to just rent for a year and not worry about house hunting until after the wedding. Takes a humongous amount of stress off of my shoulders! Now I can focus on the fun stuff!! (and decorating our new place!)

Last weekend, I was in one of my best friends weddings, Haley! Haley introduced Brice and I AND she was my first friend at Columbia College!

Some photos from the weekend...

Rehearsal dinner

goodies at the hair salon!

mimosa bar!

I brought in this pic (Carrie, who else?!)

This was the product, it's pretty clear my hair just isn't as thick and perfect as Carrie's!

Haley's hair,

Haley was the 5th (I think? Maybe 6 or 7th?) person to wear this dress! She was the first one to alter it and make it her own. She looked beautiful!!

Mr. & Mrs. Webster!

Crazy to think I will be doing this in less than 4 months!! Ahh!

Speaking of, got this in the mail last week... Bachelorette Party invitation!!


Ok, think that is all for now... back to American Idol!


  1. haha packing is NO fun!! The wedding looked like fun! :)

  2. you and the rest of the girls look so pretty!

  3. Ew. Moving and packing all of it up is a bummer but it will be worth it! You and Brice look good together! ;)

  4. The wedding looks beautiful! Hope moving is going well!

  5. Such a pretty wedding! Where are yall's dresses from? That is pretty much what I'm thinking of wearing for my cousin's wedding- she is letting all her bridesmaids choose a navy dress in whatever style we want.

  6. Looks like you had a great time! I love the color/style of the bridesmaids dresses.


  7. Love those bachelorette invitations! Are y'all renting in Mt. P or downtown?

  8. I hate packing too and think your hair turned out great!